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  1. Kalm got a little relieved when Roxas left the scene, but just kept quiet while seeing the whole comotion and the other people showing up. That situation was starting to scare him a little. The more he heard about what was happening, the more he worried about what happened to him before he got in Travese Town. But he knew that the only way to discover something was staying with those guys… And he felt that he should help them too. If destiny sent him to that world in a time like this, there must be a reason. “Sorry man, i can’t answer you.” He started talking to Spectre. “Cuz i don’t know. I just... woke up here a while before all this mess, and i don’t remember about anything that happened before i got here. It was just me and my keyblades. So… Would it be a hassle if i stick with you all? I will help with your mission. I can fight, and it’s not like staying here would help me.”
  2. After the big heartless was eliminated Kalm sat down on the ground, looking rather exhausted, and gave a thumbs up while smiling when Susan asked if everyone was okay. Uh, but Saros and that strange girl had to make more strange questions. Kalm thought about ignoring them again, but... They seemed like good guys... Maybe telling the truth would be the best thing to do? After fighting alongside them, he concluded that they were not enemies. After all, Saros and Alin even helped him during the battle! When Kalm was about to speak, his heart started racing again. More darkness. A lot of Darkness. “More heartless?!” - he got up and mumbled to himself, and a man showed up on the roof of the bell tower. Such a strong darkness was coming from a human?! That really scared Kalm, who stepped back in order to get away from the tower. Some of the guys seemed to know who that mysterious man was, so Kalm decided to leave this to them. He stayed silent, but ready to fight if necessary.
  3. “The sun… what?” Kalm said to himself when Talion introduced himself. Honestly, more than excited about the badass way that he showed up and exploded the heartless, the young boy was a bit more… scared? Afterall, it’s not everyday that you see someone with a hammer and an armor like that. “I think i’ll stay away from him for the time being.” - He thought and didn’t said anything to Talion, looking away. Well, the boy didn’t had much time to think about that either, since a gigant heartless appeared. Maybe it was the final boss? Kalm hoped so. He quickly noticed the incoming uppercut and stepped back to dodge, being also impulsionated by Alin’s shockwave… His heart was racing, he just had an idea… More like an instinct, his body was telling him JUST DO THIS! The boy retreated even more until he was somewhat far from the heartless while Saros was attacking it. When an opening appeared and Alin was making her way to the heartless chest, the young boy quickly started to run towards the heartless, holding his keyblades tight… When got a little bit closer to it he jumped and slammed his keyblades at the ground, creating two strong shockwaves of light that went straight to the heartless’s left leg, causing a massive damage on it. Kalm quickly retreated after this attack, not believing in what he just had done. “Woah, woah, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” He said surprised by his own attack, but tried to control himself shortly after. “I… I mean, one part of this thing is gone, guys! Let’s keep attacking!” Honestly, now he was a bit scared about Alin… What in the world is she thinking?! She isn’t asking for Whippy to fire at her, is she?!
  4. Kalm was using both his keyblades to attack the heartless in the way. The boy was only using basic attacks and techniques with his weapons, relying only on his strength. That wasn’t going really smoothly, but at least he was eliminating some shadows. However, he didn’t noticed when a heartless tried to attack him from behind, and ended up being saved - and scolded - by Saros and Alin. “Woah, yeah, that was a close one! Thanks!” Kalm laughed a bit after Alin’s and Saros lecture. It doesn’t looked like that he really took it seriously. He stayed on guard while Saros and Ghost locked the keyhole and a woman that came out of nowhere with dozens of points of lights annihilated almost every of the heartless. The boy was so happy, he wasn’t expecting to meet so many powerful people in such a short time! And he wasn’t planning to look like the weakest of them. “Bring it on!” He said when the next wave of heartless showed up. This time he was a bit more careful, using one of his keyblade to slash the heartless that would try to attack him while using the second to defend himself against upcoming attacks. Yeah, Kalm feel really uncomfortable next to the heartless, but defeating them was bringing him such a feel of pride, like if he was… doing his job. He didn't knew why, but he was starting to get more and more excited as the battle continues.
  5. Kalm silently decided to ignore most of the questions that those people made, simply because he didn’t had an idea about how he ended up on Traverse Town, let alone if his world was attacked by darkness… And saying that he didn’t know could sound really odd and he would look suspicious, Kalm wanted those guys to trust him. He decided to take advantage of the number of questions and people there to not answer them, hoping that it would go unnoticed. “I don’t know anything about this manhunt thing… But i can help with that. The more people the better, isn’t it?” He shrugged and opened a timid smile. But… Something else was on his mind. He started questioning himself… What happens when a world is attacked by darkness? That didn’t sound like something good… What if he’s from a world that suffered that fate? Alin said that her world got attacked and she ended up on Traverse Town. He couldn’t remember well what happened, but he also woke up on Traverse Town… It was a real possibility that his world was also attacked. But he couldn’t ask about it. Even before he tried to speak, he had this strange feeling that something was wrong… Darkness. Before Kalm could even notice, a second keyblade appeared in his left hand. “Great, if this thing showed up, there’s trouble here.” - He thought. And he wasn’t wrong. A lot of heartless started to show up as the girl named Susan said a lot of things that the boy didn’t understood, but he noticed that Susan probably needed to be left alone to do her thing and stop this heartless invasion. “Hang on, i’m going to help…!” He shouted to Susan and quickly started to run to her aid, trying to fight the heartless that would show up in the way with his two keyblades. Honestly, it wasn’t a really smart move, it was somewhat reckless… After all, he wasn’t the most experienced keyblade wielder, specially with his lack of memories. But on that moment Kalm only thought about helping Susan.
  6. Kalm stepped back to get away from Saros, all that shadow thing ended up scaring the boy, who tried to answer all those questions despite his nervousism. "Uh… No… i… i mean...” But what could he say if he didn’t remember anything? The boy stuttered a little, he definitely wasn’t expecting to receive all those questions from these people, he thought only Susan would be there. He didn’t know how to react or what to do. One of them seemed to be suspicious of him already! He just got silence for a minute and faced the ground. How would they react if he said that he doesn’t remember anything? Maybe lying was a better solution? No, no, what a stupid idea! Run away? It could work… But from what that guy said, it was safe to assume that they were also keyblade wielders, maybe stick with them would help him discovering something...? The boy stayed silent, thinking for a minute and then shook his head. “My name is Kalm and… I’m on my own. That’s it.” His keyblade materialized in his hand. “It's just me and my key.” Well, it wasn’t a lie. He didn't felt confident enough to tell those guys what really was going on or to give more details, but he couldn’t get himself to just lie, maybe because of his pure light heart. But even with this lack of trust, Kalm wanted to stay with them… It's the boy’s best chance to find something about at least who he is, but he didn’t know if they were willing to just take a kid along with them. Well, it was time to get as much information as possible. “So… You guys have a keyblade too? Why are you all gathered here for, is there something going on?”
  7. Kalm ~~ Traverse Town (2nd District) Kalm was sit somewhere near the second district's hotel, playing with his keyblade. He had this bored expression on his face, it's not like he had somewhere to go or something to do. The young boy found himself at Traverse Town without any memory about himself or about what happened before. Although he was slowly remembering things, everything was still really confusing. The only thing he really did on the past few days was kill some heartless that would pop up around. For some reason, he would feel really nervous when next to darkness creatures, and only think of getting rid of them quickly. But now the boy was tired of just sit down and wait for something to happen. He wanted to go in an adventure, something exciting! Maybe that would help him to get rid of his memory loss! But... How could he do that? Kalm was really distracted playing with his keyblade and didn't noticed when Susan came from the portal... He only realized that another person was actually there when he decided to look to the sky and ended up seeing that lady on the rooftop. Yeah, that definetly caught his attention. "Whoa! How did she got up there...?" The young boy mumbled to himself while his keyblade vanished from his hand. He decided to approach the Gizmo Shop and try to talk a little with that strange girl. What could go wrong? "Uh... You want help to get down, ma'am?"
  8. It's cool bro. I never wanted to mean "unlimited", looks like i express myself badly lol. But okay, made the changes as you want. :wink: In the end, i think it makes easier to me too.
  9. ^ Looks good! :wink: Here's my character sheet. Lemme know if something's wrong with it.
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