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  1. I've been a big KH fan for about 10 years now, I play both versions of KHUX (Global and JP) and I'm the leader for my JP party. As a result, I always have an eye on the latest news on the games, and I've been playing in JP for over a year. I work as a self employed freelance artist, and dedicate most of my fanart to the series. I have plenty of time and I'm online for the majority of my day. I have experience handling different social media as a result of promoting my work, and good writing and communication skills. I'm fluent in English even though it's not my first language. I use it on a daily basis on social media, and it's the language that allows me to connect with other KH fans around the world. I also can write and understand basic Japanese. Overall, I'm very enthusiastic about KH and I'd love to contribute to the KH13 community! Thank you so much for this opportunity, I hope to hear back from you ^^
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