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  1. Soooo does that mean the cutscenes that they've shown off HAVE been completed? If so, they should go back over them and redo the writing, because holy shit the dialogue is horrendous.
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    Coverage: Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018

    I am actually dumbfounded by how bad this game looks. The writing and voice acting are both terrible, the theme song for this game is awful (which is incredibly surprising considering Hikaru did Simple and Clean & Sanctuary, which are both infinitely superior), and the gameplay looks incredibly unfinished. I don't know what they're doing over at Square Enix, but they've got it all wrong, and it seems like they're rushing the development of the game, similar to FFXV's rushed development. I know Nomura delayed it to January of next year, but I'd be so much happier if they delayed it another year. The game currently looks downright unplayable, and I don't think 7 months is enough time to fix the abundance of problems that the trailers presented.