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  1. I would say Terra, who do you guys think?
  2. A lot of people see Riku with Xion I don’t get it he seemed way nicer to Namine and also Roxas seems to have feelings for Xion.
  3. Maybe they could give him his own game that would be interesting then eventually he on his adventures meets someone. new
  4. I know he don’t need a girlfriend. I wouldn’t mind he don’t have one as long as it’s not because he liked Kairi at one point and she’s with Sora. I would like if he goes with Namine. They aren’t seen interacting that much but I see the potential there and I like their scenes together. What do you guys think?
  5. There was a tumblr post with an image from the trailer where if you look in front of Sora when he breaks down in the trailer they’re are those blue dots that surrounded Repliku when he died. I could find a way to post it on here but I’m worried that means Riku dies
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