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  1. they tell us we fight data projection of other dandelion in pvp, but maybe it's because there are no real ones left skuld and ephemere did not notice when they went from real to data world, so maybe they saved data player i need to sleep
  2. oh god i just realised maybe player is already dead, and we are playing data player
  3. the "+vanitas" is from one of my theory, you can disregard it forgot to remove it
  4. > Who will travel to the future : > 7 Pods 5 Pods > -Ventus > BBS > -Skuld (Project X) > BBS > -Lauriam (Marluxia) > BBS > -Elrena (Larxene) > BBS > -Maleficent > KH2 somehow > -? > -Destroyed > Luxord is apparently not from Daybreak Town. > Demyx could be but seems more and more unlikely. > Ephemer will die/sacrifice himself. > Brain will stay behind. > Player is a mess to include in a future game. > Strelitzia is dead. > Ava disappeared. that's where we are at right now
  5. that means he's a noble and descendant of dandelions
  6. everyone thinks it's brain and he's likely not using the arch so make sense
  7. we don't know if Urd and Skuld are actually related in kh
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