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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Noleen

    General Chat

    it looks like fallout 4 with slightly better graphics
  2. Noleen

    General Chat

    with one obviously better than the other 2
  3. Noleen

    General Chat

    every website gonna drop 50 minutes gameplay videos 2 weeks before release
  4. > According to the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep novels, his appearance prior to Ventus's connection with Sora was that of a humanoid creature similar to a Heartless but with red eyes. i keep learning things about that dark boi every day vanitas fought against or with MoM in first keyblade war i'm sure of it i'm just not sure which side MoM was on, he could be lying, Vanitas was on darkness side
  5. need someone to translate this seems like vanitas' keyblade isn't called void gear
  6. we don't care why he did what he did sure, but he can give us some answer about things someone on 4chan just dropped links to almost all the ultimania guides it's in japanese but wut there is even the kh3 one
  7. it's going to have an impact dude lived in daybreak town future, met MoM AND Ventus
  8. stella means star yes https://i.imgur.com/cl0aUXj.png someone pointing out that both khux and type-0 are about kids sent to war and they are also manipulated in both game yes oh god what if nomura is just out of idea and copying past concept
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