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  1. well thats cool xbox gets the games now onlly took a extra few years
  2. Triangle commands more like Y commands hahaha
  3. Is there a fish that appears only for like 5 Seconds at 9 sharp in the few minutes that you have to wait 24 hours
  4. what game is this again
  5. got your collectables did u
  6. Imagine being at work for 9 hours And one of those hours being because the new cashier doesn't know how to end their shift at the end of the day
  7. @Firaga13 play a real shun magooy tanshay game
  8. Tokyo Mirage sessions is a lot like Digital Devil Saga
  9. That's about the same here I wish it was closer We have a burger restaurant and a taco truck and mexican restaurant thats about all this tiny tiny town has The burger place is like a 5-10 minute bike ride it's nice I don't go there too often but it's a good meal once in awhile that or order dominos
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