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  1. I messed around with the lag slider and the game feel so much better now I have it set to -1 if the setting I found that work the best
  2. Yeah do I need a second one It does that and then you select it and it turns off the other controller and then it activates the other one
  3. The PS4 won't let me connect with two controllers only one at a time maybe I can just try on the switch demo
  4. So I'm probably an idiot but how do I get to controllers working to try out co-op mode because whenever I try to connect another one that just disconnect the other
  5. Funny enough I'm talking about spoilers in a different place maybe slightly related maybe not but I'll post it here anyway The difference being I think is like you know when a trailer comes out and everybody freaks out and has massive discussion about what ever was seen was in the trailer now imagine if instead of experiencing that in the trailer months or more from release you got to experience that moment and all of its insanity this moment it happened in the story that sounds a lot more enjoyable to me and certain games have been robbed of moments like that Kingdom Hearts 3 cough I have learned to stop paying attention to starting from like the third trailer now a days
  6. You have to have a character to be able to speak out of character
  7. xion also literally would not exist if it wasn't for him
  8. I mean you already know they're going to be best friends despite barely meeting and probably having no chemistry
  9. I'm talking about this I'm pretty sure this is the gmv memory dive stuff
  10. This is what those are you can get some watch them here without the rhythm game part
  11. There is songs you play in the game with the video playing in the background
  12. I am like 80% sure the Kingdom Hearts 1 stuff is only the GMV songs that you play just that you can unlock them to watch and there will be a separate theater mode for the actual cutscenes
  13. Unless they're hiding a a big part about this game where you actually play a character in a action-rpg setting
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