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  1. There was an interesting story I read once about humanity is actually more like livestock for god. Our lives souls are sort of an equivalent to "fatten" you up somehow and then after death your soul is butchered and fed to him. There's a lot more details than that but it was a fun creepy pasta
  2. Maybe they live in town but I would have to pull up their dialogue but charity dialogue makes it seem like keyblades and all this stuff is incredibly a new unfamiliar concept to us. Unless there's like two different societies in this town and the whole keyblade stuff is actually completely unknown hidden from society
  3. We don't have a Canon backstory for player like ux I mean they just kind of wake up and daybreak Town one day and get a keyblade. where do we come from
  4. Finally getting a proper digestion of the Union key story from the damo fan dub. So what was the result of summoning Kingdom hearts here at this keyblade war ? I'm assuming gula did it since he said he intended to. But what it did actually end up achieving and what happened to Kingdom hearts here did it just go away. And where is the x-blade wasn't that supposed to be a big part of the whole war instead it just seems like it was from infighting among the unions instead.
  5. Go through a painful slow grind process or open up that wallet
  6. I almost want to feel somewhat a little excited for this game but then I remember it's going to be gacha and then my hype kind of deflates.
  7. There's probably millions of Worlds out there there has to be a unicorn on one of them
  8. https://tenor.com/view/you-smell-stinky-you-stinky-you-stink-wow-gif-24104350 pov your Ansem talking to Riku (hes a cat)
  9. Yeah it's a very different type of feeling then when Kingdom Hearts 3 was revealed not a bad one just different
  10. After years of Kingdom Hearts 3 and it's being such a huge jump from all the games before now we're doing that again with 4 God damn
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