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  1. Yeah it's pretty hard to achieve without actually trying to do it so even if it is true it's not like it's a big issue
  2. I don't know if there's any truth to the statement but I heard that you defeat all three of them at once the game crashes
  3. That fight is I feel a little unfair admittedly but it's fun
  4. It does feel weird to call shibuya weird when we literally had Big Hero 6 in the same game
  5. I felt like a kid again just going through everything it was fun
  6. My first playthrough a toy box though I took ages to complete that world because I went around examining every single Shelf all the toys and video games at everything
  7. I like the Pirates in Big Hero 6 but they both have like the complete opposite problems Pirates has like no story but lots of exploring and then Big Hero 6 has too much story and you don't have a chance to explore
  8. I remember playing my first playthrough in the game came out on proud that was so disappointing how easy it was I like critical but Olympus is a nightmare on critical it's just on the phone it doesn't really feel like it gets fun until toy box
  9. I feel like I could have stood a chance of getting in but I ended up accidentally deleted the game the week before the campaign started
  10. From what I remember there's a bunch of Kingdom Hearts 2 keyblades in there
  11. You're allowed to type it out immediately instead of asking for permission
  12. It's interesting it's a little weird having random usernames in the game but it's probably pretty cool if you got yours in
  13. I mean I pretty strongly dislike them but I keep out of this channel for the most part just to leave people be without bringing my negativity I can have that in other places
  14. Are you really going to believe a random supposably thing somebody said what I was searching for evidence
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