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  1. We got a new FF coming out less than month anyway I'm fine with no 16 until next year
  2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/676257613335494676/899841177363296266/1450270473393168384.mp4
  3. When I saw that ember I was like it can't be sora like it doesn't have anything to do with fire really
  4. Honestly I'm surprised sakkarai was even allowed to mention Maleficent when talking about Hollow Bastion
  5. It even works in Canon though this is the world of fiction video games verum Rex Kingdom Hearts 1 for it to be in the next game again confirmed Kh1 sora always
  6. Honestly it's almost criminal Olympus Coliseum was not the stage and we're not getting it's battle theme I know they can't because Disney but like it would have been perfect
  7. As an actual fighter feels unrealistic so a mii would be okay
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