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  1. You needed to choose the right answers to get the ending and then you have to collect all the letters in the credits sequence to get the hint about the HD remasters
  2. Regardless I believe every single PS4 game is supposed to work on the PS5 anyway supposed to at least
  3. the char they use for like dissdia and stuff isnt always the main rep from that gamr or have the biggest role and screen time, aka Y shtola, shes important and a main character but youd be surprised for a good while in how little shesa part of the story for a good long time and yet she was choosen for dissdia, so the dissdia reps are more about marketability
  4. I can't wait to fight him I just need to get back to the data fights sometime
  5. Even in this game I don't expect there to be a whole lot of it i mean is ps4 really current
  6. The funniest thing is gliding actually feels like Kingdom Hearts gliding I don't know why but that this was unexpected
  7. It feels sometimes the imputs aren't even registering on the normal control Style
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