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  1. A bit unfortunate I imagine this design was made before then but world events definitely make you look at that differently
  2. Really needs a 140 tbh Its not bad but felt squashed rushed into one chapter
  3. Aahhhhhh why I do want to get a physical switch eventually but man I don't want to buy anything right now
  4. Man put up the same image 3x like we wouldn't notice
  5. It just feels weird, some settings works better than others system fan controller a brand new but it was like that old ps4 to
  6. Like I'm playing just fine but suddenly but if it doesn't work then I put it on plus 15 then suddenly it workz On the ps4
  7. Melody is fine but I feel like I can't tell if it's just me sometimes or if I need to address the lag thing because sometimes I played better on different settings
  8. I wouldn't mind him showing up as a non canonical bonus Boss In soem far later game
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