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  1. It's apparently got bad monetization very pay to win
  2. I believe theyll be up to get for as long as psn exists They dont play any unique music or sound effects tho
  3. I definitely didn't expect so many final fantasy references
  4. Honestly it could be anything at this point I'm just intrigued by the whole stuff Even if it isn't Silent Hills or whatever they've had an entertaining marketing strategy if that was the intention
  5. You do have to buy them separately if you're getting them as they are coming out They're not going to give you something for free that hasn't even came out yet
  6. Having a play station 4 for so many years I'll get my first PS4 Platinum someday
  7. Do I need to play Windows 1 through 10 to understand Windows 11
  8. 14 has its own stuff and we already had fanfest if 14 is going to show up it's just going to be a small advertisement like hey this exists Normally there would be a very spoiler-filled E3 trailer but because of the c19 tuff stuff is pretty delayed so we're not getting a trailer like that yet
  9. Will it have ff or zelda if no then it will be
  10. Only Square n Nintendo matter for E3
  11. Damn even little details, well thank ye
  12. Oh wow I didn't expect anything like that from anybody today
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