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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. It was,yes @GoldenDrummer730 @Novayon Sora was apparently added in because people were saying they missed Sora
  2. Valid,I hope for the same
  3. It’s sadly because they account for most players not actually finishing the side content @Otti#8624 P3 was probably the last time they did
  4. You’re right,but most of it is so you can get a different line or two really,not really for different paths Beyond good or bad end
  5. Well the thing is, they want you to be able to choose your own name admittedly you know?
  6. Those are the canon names
  7. Yeah.. but the manga they’re not helping in the writing,Otti The anime/films,they have a part in those
  8. They did though Whatever Atlus works on firsthand is the canon name Manga doesnt count
  9. Well you know why they won’t
  10. You could in P3P I’m sure you’d be able to here too
  11. Not really That’s just me though
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