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  1. I remember seeing the cutscenes for the unknown boss in the final mix version. Not knowing what a final mix was. I was trying desperately to see if there was a way to unlock the boss. I would explore aimlessly through out each world in hopes to find some clue of unlocking him. Which definitely made me notices how kind of lonely the atmosphere is the Kingdom Hearts. It really feels like it’s you, and your two pals battling unless ever-coming monsters. Even with the support of leon and the gang. It’s usually Sora Donald and Goofy doing the task. KH2 definitely had more characters involved. Getting it a less lonely atmosphere. I’d say the battle at Hollow Bastion in KH2 is good example of what I mean. KH1 never had that.
  2. I consider KH2 the better game. But I like KH1 a bit more. That’s mostly due to nostalgic bias. I have more memories with the first game due to me not getting a chance to own a copy of KH2 till 358 Days was released.
  3. I can replay KH1 any day and have a great time. I love it that much
  4. This looks like Manga Xion.
  5. Oh my gawd You guys have to see this. It’s a masterpiece
  6. The fact that bootleg Kairi is just Xion js Surreal. I mean With how often light and darkness is used I just flat out assume it meant as it’s used in the bible.
  7. Did the original line made the scene Homo-erotic or something?
  8. Wat They changed “love” to “accepting grace?” Why?
  9. no wonder everyone in Britain is always pissed.
  10. Spaghetti in Beer? Gross
  11. I like how Kairi and Arithe are next to each other. Since they both die.
  12. EA still being Trash I see
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