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  1. People are Arguing over Avatar vs Korra?
  2. It’s the Baby Looney Tunes of Spongebob. That’s not the point Nickelodeon spat in the grave of this shows creator a week after his death. It’s sickening
  3. My response to Camp Coral They announced this a week after Stephen Hillenburgs Death. One of his wishes was there to never be a Spongebob Spin-offs
  4. Beta Sora looks like the most early 2000's thing
  5. https://insidethemagic.net/2020/05/kingdom-hearts-disney-plus-sp1/
  6. Riku.avi has stopped working
  7. Interesting I do remember my first time playing Kingdom Hearts as a kid, I didn't know what a Final Fantasy was. I thought The FF Characters were Kingdom Hearts Characters until I read Jiminy's Journal.
  8. Made a thing to test this Riku Model I just finished.
  9. Sonic Generations is where theyre from
  10. https://m.imgur.com/adpOVto
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