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  1. I'm getting him then saving until Christmas
  2. I made a video of it and titled it irritating Ira
  3. Oof Danny You'll get there eventually
  4. @Inçendyne I FINALLY BEAT HIM I just needed to have a better friend medal Also i hope they get their act together
  5. nina2wings

    General Chat

    That's what i hope I'll have when i become a vet (though the pay isn't all that great) Still a far off dream though
  6. nina2wings

    General Chat

    Lololo Alex, you're my party which means family ^_^ Although with the crashes lately its been less party and more scrambling to get daily jewels
  7. nina2wings

    General Chat

    I remember you Alex ^_^
  8. nina2wings

    General Chat

    @Inçendyne Hi! Retro and I are friends, yes. I don't really mind ship talk. I'm just honored anyone remembers me here 😂
  9. Ok but why is this idea becoming popular now?
  10. Well i spent jewels for kairi cause thats a long term investment And I'm impatient, hawk I feel like i should be able to do this
  11. It probably doesn't help I'm using speed against Aced too but these are my best medals
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