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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Oh My Goodness If only it worked like that The problem is it would tank the economy 1000 would turn into 1 dollar
  2. @Alex_1553471381 like I said, no requirements. We will take what we can get.
  3. Oooh? Need a party? @Alex_1553471381 tell me your character I'd and you can join!
  4. Oh? I will check it out!
  5. The union is vulpes!!! (Sorry forgot to mention) @hawk222_1550644792 @Alex_1553471381 @2 quid is good_1549911084
  6. THANK YOU! I really appreciate the help @Sandy Claws inserts ad here Hey guys! My party is looking for people interested in collecting lots of Lux! We are able to consistently make it to the high 50's in the party rank each week but our goal is to make it to the top 10. If you need a party and have a passion for Lux please DM me so we can put you in our party. There's no requirements to join our party, we just ask that you do your best! Light Will Reign is our party ❤
  7. thank you marluxia yeah I know no self promotion but I figured since this directly has to do with a game many of us play it might be ok. It's not really diverting from this server either. I will respect whatever is decided though. I just thought I would ask.
  8. nina2wings

    General Chat

    :comfyboi2: glad to see you joined
  9. :smugchu: gee I wonder why, peaches
  10. yeah I agree KH 3 lacks so much FF especially even DDD last FF we got was BBS and it was only Zack being cute (ok Zack being cute was worth it but still)
  11. Ooooh! @King Arthur13 I really love your thinking
  12. Um.. is it ok to advertise a unionx party here? I didn't see any rules explicitly saying no to it and wanted to make sure.
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