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  1. are there TLs for the new update?
  2. it's not wrong he has been resisting especially if we account for olympus but not resisted
  3. nameless star met sora in the final world before he rewinds time
  4. o wait true cuz I tried searching yesterday and nothing appeared today a new result appeared :GWllentThinkPika:
  5. where can I read kh manga in english xdd I mean kh3 manga
  6. summary of the thing from the trailer "player is xehanort"
  7. wait I think the thing "someone to remember you" in the future is related to memories seeing how ventus, skuld, lauriam, elrena all lost their memories but meleficent has her memories it should be safe to assume that without someone in the future to remember who you are, you lose all memory of your past Ig
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