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  1. this process is so long that they`ll get him impeached when hes out lol
  2. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    Yea ik that But It's basically taking every detail from every game, book, movie, show and putting it all in it
  3. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    Honestly I don't want this to be a game I think FF7 has had so much at this point that The remakes are a combination of everything the FF7 universe is
  4. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    take one of the front fans and put it on the back you need air to flow from front to back cause rn nothing is helping it to escape
  5. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    wheres your exhaust fan?
  6. -Kye-

    Gaming Chat

    nice job oh its the lian li case too
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