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  1. i heard the movie was more or less a self aware parody? dunno if true or just people meming on why they even bother making a 5th movie
  2. CoD being exclusive to Xbox lmao
  3. i guess this just mean the whole DR= winter thing is no longer a thang
  4. i see some people being mad over the jp event exclusivity lol
  5. @GoldenDrummer730#4323 got you beat there first with the ss but yeah opps meant to post it here haha
  6. @OrpheusJoshua im shocked you didnt covered the news just now status is online true rip lol oh its bout the switch
  7. ye but the point of ux was so you could in a way play with your friends online
  8. or they remake both ux and dr into one game and present it as a mmo game like ffxiv tada you get the full benefits
  9. villain actually the suicide squad (james gunn version) it also set up a spinoff tv show featuring cena
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