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  1. there was two. curiousity (which died on mars) and rover
  2. i think its cause his only "funny" role where hes actually funny is his role as starlord
  3. Oh that i thought his be a bit open minded was reffering to me kek I doubt it lol i should get bayonetta 2 for the switch seeing as i didnt get it opps
  4. Yeah but its not the kind of game id see myself playing but i did say "great for anyone else" to be fair
  5. not a good leak for me lol so bleh great for anyone else
  6. the current ceo of abc channel wanted to do a lost reboot or sequel cause shes a huge fan of the show i think currently abc do not have a sci fi fantasy show right? its all doctor shows
  7. they were gonna do a lost reboot after Once upon a time ended but that didnt happen
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