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  1. only if they do it better than ps4 more variety
  2. and themes coming to ps5 is a rumor too
  3. https://vxtwitter.com/0AOXO/status/1728133541530333430?s=20
  4. no? its not a ride at disneyland...
  5. https://tenor.com/view/jessica-simpson-let-it-snow-snowing-snow-christmas-songs-gif-23701319
  6. it been the 3rd day now. wheres the beta players leaking shit ? game should be leaking info and screenshots and what not lol
  7. https://vxtwitter.com/BlooberTeam/status/1728881203401687235?s=20
  8. he can be like sion from the bouncer. hes basically 21 years old sora he behaved like sora but in an adult body so you can expect sora to be like that in the future 2002* thats a life. im not even mature and im 32 too much immaturity mentally
  9. https://vxtwitter.com/DiscussingFilm/status/1727386072202592266?t=MqCnvcUzLFPJnGyg-prjKA&s=19
  10. easter weekend is jesus weekend so
  11. mine only focus on the saint nicholas as santa. giving gifts isnt cause people asked for it but cause its the thought that count. etc etc
  12. slandering against santa is a crime also no one is celebrating xmas cause of jesus christ. but cause of saint nick if you know the true origins of santa claus.
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