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  1. i know sora's meant to be the christopher robin in kh but id like him to meet the actual one
  2. meh just gimme a batman live action show pls
  3. > Or they may be deaf @2 quid is good yes? > i think they would need hearing aids if they got 0 @King Arthur13 you rang? > Well, Silent can't. @Inçendyne si.... > yall deaf? @Mupstun i should be offended by this but i also lol'd
  4. now ill take vor for the fast kills then for collecting bps
  5. https://wccftech.com/dualsense-controller-size-large-leaked-image/
  6. leto is gonna ruin tron 3
  7. yeah rumor is young justice season 4 will be going to hbo max next
  8. cuz of doom patrol season 2 being on hbo max then stargirl on cw
  9. to most people that spell doom for dcu now
  10. https://tvline.com/2020/07/06/dcs-stargirl-renewed-season-2-the-cw-only @Otti#8624 cw only for season 2 it seem no dcu
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