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  1. theres no mention of xvi in the leaks for square enix or xbox so that's left out of the events i think same with ff7 part 2
  2. nah square's event is all FF according to leaks so no ff for xbox
  3. xbox seem like Lackluster judging from rumors but then again it always was every e3
  4. 2nd va to livestream playing their game they voiced in. first was remake aerith if i recall
  5. its not unheard of for ubisoft to announce another ac game while announcing dlcs for existing games
  6. valhalla has some dlcs already they are just announcing more
  7. theres also new ac and the aiden pearce dlc they promised
  8. yeah i wouldnt be shocked if they'll use his DoC moveset only improved for part 2
  9. chaos's more of a DoC thing than og ff7 cause something happened to him in DoC to cause the whole Vampire Demon Vincent
  10. its beautiful and it felt right and smooth and hella better than any other games. anyway im going a bit off topic so ill find the demon vampire gameplay one. vincent could use that one as a limit move
  11. im actually playing ratchet now im just pausing the game cause i had to respond lol
  12. skip to 10:23 for the normal vincent thing
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