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  1. you know what i meant bout that yeah?
  2. oo im susprised theyd go ahead because of matt....
  3. yeah that swsh leaker is barred from copies and fined just like xy leaker
  4. gamefreak/nintendo is pissed at few reviewers in other countries leaking shit so no review copies till the day before or whatever
  5. because reviewers havent got their review copies
  6. my local game store broke street date for star wars fallen order
  7. i mean... unless she got affected by timefall and it turn her into an old lady then yes shes a boomer
  8. melody time is pretty rare same with cartoon all stars to the rescue uh back then it was 50 ish. and if its a limited editon one more
  9. ya but your vhs u showed ? rare and worth alot i bet
  10. if u have the original art u may get 300-500 lol
  11. @Mupstun @KH-Queenhttps://www.thebalancesmb.com/ebay-little-mermaid-vhs-worth-hundreds-4126101
  12. @Mupstun that one u have is actually selling for 2000-4000 apparently
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