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  1. i think February was when they closed off sales
  2. those were like 900 dollars back then plus import fees
  3. nvm on wanting to play a playable advent child since thats turn based
  4. oh yeha the gun one is before crisis
  5. just waiting for the ff7 gacha just to play advent children
  6. nani you mean i didnt have to go to 9anime ? finaally i can watch this with digimon adventure 2020 on the bigass screen.
  7. mojo wont be an evil monkey in this show. https://deadline.com/2021/04/powerpuff-nicholas-podany-as-mojo-jojo-jr-to-the-cw-live-action-reboot-pilot-1234726502/
  8. its so damn goood. and different from the og game i can see why neo twewy's a sequel to the anime not the og game
  9. firetrucking lit this first episode 1 is. and pretty damn interesting! and different!
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