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  1. Shannen of charmed fame died today
  2. where is this from? talk bout being ableist
  3. All I know is that they better do shadow justice or I will riot
  4. https://x.com/firetruckyouiquit/status/1808681341334270364
  5. https://x.com/Genki_JPN/status/1808866890032558402 Wario can't count /s
  6. https://x.com/Wario64/status/1808863906040885540?t=EvYUemhYHWJ_p8OhkLPU5Q&s=19 Going to be big if they return to tgs
  7. they sorta had one for wii u and 3ds but it was coins style if i recall
  8. helppp i watched the entire series lik 500 times i can never get bored of it after being bored on not finding sci fi shows to watch
  9. someone help me break my rebinge of lost
  10. a new office huh. mean new developers and new teams and new ips/games
  11. That's a ps4 game price :pepehands:
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