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  1. your kitchen and tv and etc wouldnt
  2. No disney own the rights to kh and the characters actually and nomura has been on record i think saying that he dunno why they arent in the parks in japan here's the context of why i said disneyland doesnt acknowledged kh When they asked what my favorite Disney ip at the office i said Kingdom Hearts they said no they don't have one and that it's not real. I went what? you guys own the rights to the game series and characters. then they said pick something like Marvel and i said Lion King then what character i said Simba. That's what they need for my badge/tag apparently. They said they never heard of Kingdom Hearts nor have the rights to it
  3. they dont. literally the disney parks refused to acknowledge them lol
  4. damn shame disneyland doesnt acknowledge kingdom hearts for employees
  5. tell that to destatis (?) who want to take control of disney world
  6. theres a rumors disney world will be relocated out of florida as soon as they find a suitable state cause of drama lol
  7. you guys have a literal zoo though
  8. if you do then i'll say heyyy janiceeee hey janniceeee stop using oh. my.gawd. like that
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