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  1. it was kathleen kennedy thats the problem not the recasting.... didnt know mary is his little boy. :dogekek:
  2. and? what did you think of all the evil dead callbacks , references and vibes?
  3. but that would have made sense. blink and miss cameo
  4. they were expecting him to do this movie like he did spider-man 1-3
  5. people gave this movie a low score cause they got confused by all the evil dead references and vibes that go over their head. said horror has no business being this gory
  6. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ask kevin right now i liked this movie cause of sam raimi bringing his evil dead magic to it. Made me wish he directed all of wandavision since it was done with horror too
  7. well she implied no one but strange kept an eye on her like she knew strange know her wherebouts so the agents doesnt
  8. her brother and her were brainwashed to think the entire event that happened to them was stark's fault and the avengers for not stopping him with the missile bombs
  9. correction went from brainwashed henchman to part time hero to straight up evil villain
  10. i think i'd have prefer that. so we'd know if he was actually a villain on the main earth like his 838 counterpart
  11. 3rd the entire movie is basically evil dead 4 but marvel edition
  12. i cant wait for sam raimi to make more movies in mcu
  13. it may have been in the final trailer but, the context it self is spoilery i watched the movie today
  14. jeff grubbs started the rumor. and greg miller kept the rumor mill going they both are shit
  15. fair but it has a cult following
  16. square is more than ff and kh. they do DQ, life is strange, Twewy, star ocean and other non ff games
  17. basically sony used to have 20 japanese studios but they closed down all of them barring one (team astro) hence why people are assuming that square enix sold off their western studios so sony could buy them and save face in the japanese market since they pissed them off
  18. he closed down few japanese studios and pissed those off
  19. also i seen evil dead: dr strange edition yeah alot of that is he dont care
  20. more like jim ryan pissed off japan
  21. no it kinda seem like spoiler
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