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  1. 11/10 for me. The only thing that disappoint me (but doesnt change the fact that this game is the best one of the series) is that we don't see any FF character like at all. I really don't understand how people say: 'oh, the post game content is shit' 'KH2FM is waaaay better' 'The pacing of this game is shit' etc. The post game content is the "minigame" which is a lot of minigame. Stop your whining for not being able to fight Sephiroth secret boss again. KH2FM is fun yes. But KH3 is way more fun for me so f you. Pacing doesnt affect shit, it's the type of game that slow at first and hit hard at the end. So shut the frick up. And someone even said that the secret ending is meaningless. Blyat, did you even know who tf is that 3 person in armour back in Kh2fm?! GTFO plebz The world is vast, the graphic is so beautiful, they bring back alot of fan favourite character back. Xehanort admits that he lost and a happy ending. well bittersweet ending technically because sora is thanosed. But then what? You know that sora is okay because of the Secret Ending. And fyi: i hate x keepers except TGJ he is a funny guy.
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