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  1. ...that works honestly "Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts fandom, we got Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2, Kingdom Heart of the Cards, Kingdom Karts, and Disney Owns Everything: the board game!"
  2. Hear me out: we need a Kingdom Hearts meme putting crappy names on a lot of the games and minigames, like Kingdom Heart of the Cards and Kingdom Karts. Trying to think of a Monopoly pun for Command Board.
  3. Damn. How'd Roxas get to it in 358 then?
  4. What do we know about the World that Never Was? I understand it's meant to be a world that never got a chance to exist, but those dark buildings had to come from somewhere.
  5. And it'll be especially nice starting with more than just Kingdom Key and Mobile Kingdom Key. I mean, I guess I got a few DLCs since then, but Playstation Kingdom Key and Another Kingdom Key are still boring.
  6. Well damn. Ah well, it'll still be nice being able to start with all my waifus, like Oathkeeper, that ice thing, and slappy.
  7. Perfect, and that'll also help me max out all my keyblades since it's surprisingly hard to get base materials like damascus.
  8. Got it, I take it that's an option when starting a new game then, which doesn't affect how I receive achievements or other rewards?
  9. Wait, do all keyblades carry over or am I missing something here?
  10. Yeah, I figured I'd be doing a crit playthrough of 3 soon, since I never actually did that, and it would be nice to have Oathkeeper at my side for that since all the DLC keyblades are pretty similar.
  11. Oh thank god, that saves me so much effort, thank you.
  12. So, do Oathkeeper and Oblivion transcend saves or do you have to beat the game with their intense requirements each time you want them? I want them to transcend saves, but looking at the requirements it looks like I'll need to look up all 90 emblems every time i want Oathkeeper.
  13. Do we have confirmation on whether or not Twilight Town and Daybreak Town are related? Their names are awful similar, it feels like they should be.
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