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  1. Random thought But I kinda miss the cutscenes where the characters talked through textboxes. Especially in KH2 where they utilized body language more (creepy fish faces aside) It almost reminded me of a moving comic book Or old classic RPGs where there wasn't voice acting at all and textboxes were all you got
  2. Tbh This is why I appreciate how the New Organization showed up once per Disney world in KH3. Sure the writing can be improved, but at least it gave the worlds a bit more purpose
  3. True The pacing for the main story isn't the best The Disney worlds weren't tied in very well, which made it feel like long stretches of nothing happening and then everything happening all at once
  4. Still, story wise it had a satisfying ending. Cliffhanger a la letter from Mickey aside
  5. Most BIG reviewers and movie score websites are more often than not paid to make good reviews. You can't rely on them
  6. And for the Beast in Hollow Bastion. Also, I don't have any footage of it, but there's also a little bug where you can get Jack and Beast to completely freeze up. And all they do is sort of hop in one place. It happens sometimes whenever you're jumping or gliding over gaps. Maybe it has something to do with the coding and animation of the party members. If you push it too much you glitch it up
  7. Oh yeah I found a glitch in KH1 once It was in Halloween Town, and basically you could make Jack float in midair You can do it on PS4 and PS2 Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Halloween Town Glitch.mp4 Pretty strange, huh?
  8. I used to HATE his design and preferred his KH1 look when I was younger. But it's grown on me over the years
  9. Ohhh that's nice Idk who Zhongli is (I don't play Genshin) but I like the colors you chose for his station
  10. Kairi in Aqua's outfit though And Xion looks good in pink
  11. Yeah This was a real slog Although since it's been brought up... Who was y'all's favorite campaign to play? I LOVED Aqua. Once you unlock better spells to make up for her weak defense, she's SO much fun to play as Not to mention OP as hell Not to mention 360 block 😎
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