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  1. I still kinda subscribe to the "Sora is the MoM" theory
  2. I...uh...don't have Aero I skipped Olympus ...Maybe I'll go do that world real quick I just died
  3. Okay, this isn't so bad I managed to land on his shoulder to summon Tinkerbell And if you hit him from behind you avoid most of his attacks ...Aaaaaand Tinkerbell is gone
  4. Also, why is Hundred Acre Wood in World Terminus? The Heartless never went there
  5. ...Chernabog is gonna suuuuuuuuuck
  6. It blew me away more than the guy who got to level 100 on Destiny Islands
  7. Ooh, did you guys see the one guy who beat it in a little over 2 hrs?
  8. Maybe they'll help with level grinding The time limit is 15 hrs
  9. Well Ansem alone is going to take a while given my meager damage output. I have time for some world fights.
  10. I love learning new things about my favorite games ^_^
  11. Oh you mean with the World Terminus, right? Never knew that, cool
  12. Nah, I'm speedrunning the thing lmao I'm only doing what necessary to progress to each level, so it's not 100% completion here
  13. Well, I still have to actually go through The End of the World and fight Ansem, but still...
  14. 5:55 and I'm at The End of The World I beat KH1 in less than a day
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