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  1. I already saw TFA and TLJ, so I might as well finish off the trilogy
  2. Yeah The folded up form looks a little impractical
  3. And I don't care what anyone says, a lightsaber staff like what she had has potential
  4. Shame too. Rey going dark is one of the few things that could salvage her bland character
  5. Okay I stop playing for a couple weeks and now all of the sudden my medals are pretty much useless Now I remember why I stopped playing to begin with Dx
  6. Found something good https://www.deviantart.com/samtsuki/art/Kairi-KH3-787462588
  7. I'm REALLY looking foward to Shiro Amano's take on KH3 Kairi for obvious reasons
  8. Ah Lol, sorry I'm a little sarcasm blind Imma still attempt to get an Ultima Sora anyway It's a pretty medal
  9. Wait, so the new medal is shitty? Just want to be sure
  10. Meh I was trying for an Ultimate Form Sora but I guess this works too
  11. .... ....... ...........You're giving meeeeeee Okay I'll stop
  12. Guess who's a slut for Kairi and Sora and went and opened KHUX for the first time in weeks just to buy these
  13. 👀 Maybe I should pick up KHUX again...
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