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  1. I've been trying the d-pad method it's quite good or at least it's more consistent I haven't been able to get it down completely though I think it's just im devolving into mashing at some point instead of following the rhythm because of panic lol
  2. Ah thank you so much this is very helpful! I was just trying to do it with 1 button for the fast Parts cause that's how I was doing all the songs, guess that won't work here . Thank you @Limen !
  3. I have tried multiple approaches but it seems like I've hit a roadblock I have no idea how to do dark domination on proud legit tried so many different ways but it's impossible, I only have the boss and field battle themes left to full chain at least I understand what im doing wrong in the boss one, but the field track is just a whole new level I can't do anything right LMAO if anyone has any tips or can help it'd be greatly appreciated
  4. MD

    Gaming Chat

    Damn these people mocking the MD :peepoSaberRed:
  5. :heheboi: if it's this weekend imma flip god damn it
  6. melody of memory demo found on xbox store stop teasing us square give itttt
  7. MD

    Memes Chat

    the best reaction meme to send bois and girls that face is just marvelous
  8. BBS multiplayer lowkey kinda hype I tried to do the battle thingy but it didn't work ;-; only arena fights worked
  9. Also while I respect bio a lot, and love his content I really think this should've been handled privately,a Twitter war doesn't benefit anyone No but I just woke up and saw it
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