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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Looking for anyone to be Vanitas; I have two plots in mind. One where half canon is thrown in; meaning you must have finished KH3; the gang is all happy and smiling, enjoying their day at destiny's island; but someone else on the island is watching them from the shade of one of the tree's. Roxas bumps into Vanitas while getting something; and he tries to get him to play, but Vanitas just says no and that he's fine where he is, so Roxas decide's to stay with him and chat till it's dusk, then in the summer they form a good friendship and maybe romance along the way when they start high school. The 2nd one is with Vanitas and Roxas being high school actor's, the game is a show; and during high school they're boyfriends; Vanitas likes causing trouble wherever he goes, can almost charm his way outta any solution; but not with Roxas, although he tries; they share a room together, Vanitas could also be a murderer; in between the lines of normal and psycho, sometimes slipping up just a bit.
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