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  1. OK so I have about 100 more songs, 50 on Beginner and 50 on Proud, before I get the trophies for playing all songs on all difficulties. How likely do you think it is that I somehow don't get the last 20 chests I need for another trophy? And of those 50 Proud songs, I'd like to full chain 30 of them for that trophy Actually... Actually only like 5, if I full-chain the ones I haven't yet from my favorites I have some already done
  2. So I am trying to achieve at least one goal a session. Right now I have clearing 13 more full chains on Standard for the trophy, or clear 11 more songs from KH1 on beginner, on my way to clearing all songs on beginner. (I've been doing random up until now) Which should I do right now?
  3. It might be my connection, actually. The same thing happened: I got a connection dropped message as soon as the song was finished, but I definitely lost that one but it treated me like I won And again, this time in the middle of the song. At least I'm able to feed info on how it works to the good people of this server. Looks like you can DC in the middle of a song too, not just once it's ended.
  4. WHAT?! This sore loser dropped their connection as soon as I beat him! As a result, I only got one collectible, no ratings points, no proficard swap and no chance for a rematch. Lame AND I got a warning saying they'll cut me off from online battles for a bit if it happens too often!
  5. Or not-Final Fantasy properties, since Verum Rex is NOT-FF Vs XIII
  6. So we're totally going Final Fantasy next game, right? ||A world on the other side of ours? Which is reality? Unreality? Fiction? Fantasy? Final Fantasy||
  7. No it can't. The only way to win is to count on the other player messing up Instead of actual skill
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