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  1. Itts easy to not blink though.
  2. itz when gameplay and story is heavilly changed
  3. Yeah, thats what angers me
  4. MEh, hav ing character not look like hookers isnt a deal breaker for me
  5. Anyways, whats been going on with you alex?
  6. Mup just wants some Japanese anime ladies.
  7. ANyways, this is a learning ezperience.
  8. I dont know. its just a solomn day i guess
  9. I did get one great gift, but i dont think i can tlk about that here without starting a kerfuffle
  10. It was alright Got a few gifts i guess
  11. Anyways I mean, id love to see a sequel to okami, if they dont mess it up
  12. itz more or less a spiritual sucessor.
  13. Okami sequel? Wasnt okamiden a sequel? Wait no im stupid
  14. Bernie sanders playing Kingdom Hearts hed earn my vote
  15. I was kinda dissapointed when i did check out his stream and there wasnt any gaming going on But oh well, what can you do?
  16. honeatly id love a pepsi right now
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