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  1. I mean, i can o nly get n outsider perspective Meh Honestly its just stupid imo I lewrned the hard way of what broadcasting your political views does, so now i usually keep them under strict lock and key Anyway, enough dear diary, how is everyone doing thjs evening?
  2. Dont let this distract you from the fact that someone sold a banana taped to a wall for $125,000
  3. As much as i want to go on some motivational speech about how youre able to vote for whatever and how its the greatest freedom i'm not going to
  4. Thhis is why i tend to avoid discussing politics
  5. A united kingdom that isnt effected by brexit
  6. "Name something that doesn't exist!*
  7. I wouldnt be suprised if scotland declared its independence
  8. They'll be begging to be let back into the U.K once the economy tumbles
  9. Whatever, let them have their brexit
  10. You got brexit done, but the economy is crippled
  11. "Dont worry guys, the free market will solve the issues!"
  12. People jist have "gUbrMiNt bad" in their mindset
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