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  1. Hiya. I'm Rintron. For a bit of time now, I've been fiddling with something, and right now I finally am ready to start doing it. Namely, would it be okay to post my currently-in-the-works recordings of KH3 cutscenes with FLAC 5.1ch surround audio (6 channels of sound) for those interested? And if yes, which section of the forum? I recently got myself a capture card that can do lossless video, and just a moment ago I started recording the cutscenes at high framerates (though 1080p only oh woe is me). I decided to finally register on a KH forum, and since I often visit this site for news then EHHH why not. The recordings are going to be 60fps (though the KH3 cutscenes run at halft that, 30 fps). Though I'm not doing actual lossless, because uploading that would kill me. MKV with h264 and FLAC 5.1ch audio. The surround is captured as DTS through a optical cable into my external sound card. Optical can't do LPCM or any of those ULTRA HD audio formats, but I opted to reencode into FLAC with Audacity because hey, at least it will not degrade over time. : P I currently have the Prologue cutscene ready to go. Since there's a spoiler policy still in effect from what I see, that's all I'm gonna say. I could start uploading as I go tho'. I just need to know if I can post them and which part of the forum would be best. That would be all. I hope we can all be bffs. : >
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