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  1. Don’t feel like replaying kh3 just to get oblivion smh
  2. It’s finally ovaaa
  3. @corpiman_1622520620 I agree ☝️ No prob!
  4. @GoldenDrummer730#4323
  5. Hmmmm I have thoughts myself on these matters, buttt definitely not feeling the ending
  6. Same, and Kairi would be shook lol
  7. Xehanort: IT WAS ALL A DREAM
  8. Hopefully they dish out some OP game ending medals then If I’m going out I wanna go out with a bang bang Settle all debts defeat all enemies
  9. Real quick you remember there was a Shinra infantry man that recognized cloud or something early on after the first mako explosion In the street. He didn’t attack him so he must still be alive I don’t remember that in the original
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