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  1. I wonder why riku and Kairi don’t use oblivion and oathkeeper as their default keyblades, respectively. I think roxas should wield something different See this dang khddd opening confuses but I guess I’m not suppose to take it literally?
  2. I keep forgetting about the AP 😅
  3. To farm enemies y’all could just replay the heartless hunt event quests Duhhh
  4. Oh must be nice x)
  5. ^ yeah useless traits more than half the time x)
  6. Ya know what. Khux can keep their pet training feature it sucks lol
  7. That MGS vibe Crunchy if ya ever need a new spot to go to feel free to DM me 😁
  8. Some people spend hours on it too tho The thing is sometimes I’ll spend a good day on and off then do maybe an hour on it a day just to lux farm
  9. Crunchy it just sounds like ya need a new party 💀
  10. It works out for diamond dust
  11. Depends if ya got GA1
  12. But I try keep it consistent
  13. I equip some buff/debuffs on slot one
  14. Diamond dust is my strongest keyblade in this week’s set lol
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