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  1. And to think I thought the khfm shrooms were wack now I’ll have to put up with them shrooms when I get to kh2fm
  2. Gotcha thank you so much for all the info mate 🙏
  3. I know when the light shines on them you use thunder but how about the other positions?
  4. Good lord Mystery goos magic arts Just for the the ultima weapon And I gotta get to final rest to get a goo too smhhh I don’t remember the original one being this annoying lol
  5. That’s the only one I remember from way back when I forget the rest of the positions for the white shrooms
  6. So can I get to final rest and not finish the game and go back and do all I gotta do right?
  7. That’s what I’m trying to do too get the ultima weapon Feels like it takes forever haven’t even gotten the receipe yet I just have the final world to do before the game is over arghhh
  8. What exp accessories??? I’m on leve 61 Trying to get 99
  9. Hey so what’s the best place to level up in kh final mix and collect all items for synthesize?? I guess I gotta beat the game first before getting the option to fight unknown
  10. How hard is unknown in kh final mix? Hmm
  11. No I refuse to believe that implication
  12. Forget all this I wanna know what happens to kh’s version of Zack fair
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