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  1. Hey there HMK! Love your videos, I've been watching you for a few years now. And your content has really improved. But to start, have you ever checked out Final Fantasy XIV? While it is an MMO, it really is an MMO for everyone. Nomura will be working on the new expansion ''Shadowbringers'' as well for the game, which will be coming out at the start of July. And I am sure that even if you are not interested in the game, the game's OST will interest you! The OST has many different genres. The game also covers crossover events, FFXV getting an event in a few days. A Kingdom Hearts Crossover event could come one day! (And in case you are somewhat familiar with FFXIV and what it contains) If that were to happen, what would you want to be added into both FFXIV and KH3 if one were to happen? Keep up the good work!
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