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  1. I really hope this game is just a set up for Kairi usung the move set from ReMind in a future title with her as the protagonist. I don't want KHMoM to be her only outing as a main character in a game.
  2. I've tagged any mention of KH3 and ReMind stuff. After the next KH game comes out, then will the current embargo for the DLC and KH3 be lifted at the discretion of whoever is in charge? Or has nothing been decided yet? I'll tag everything from the third game and DLC if I post on the forums too. I apologise for my ignorance, I had no idea such rules were still in place here.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I'll remedy the situation.
  4. Okay, so any KH3 and ReMind stuff must be tagged. Is that correct?
  5. Is there a KH3 spoiler embargo too? Please clarify, is there an embargo in place for KH3 and ReMind on this Discord?
  6. @ScaryWalrus It's princesses of heart. They are not princesses of light. So when Sora because he'd once lost his heart before. When does the ReMind spoiler embargo lift?
  7. Yet Riku's whole being disappeared into that portal. So that would mean he physically dove into Sora's dream and not solely as a heart. His body most likely appeared back at the tower when he freed his friend.
  8. So if you have to be sleeping to enter any dream, then Riku being awake when he dove back into Sora's makes no sense.
  9. Yet someone here has said that it is stated in the game that you must go to sleep yourself to enter a world's dream or someone else's dream, regardless of how deep you dive.
  10. Then why was Riku awake when he entered Sora's dream a second time to free him from Xehanort's machinations?
  11. Where is this specified? I don't think Yen Sid ever says specifically that you must be in a state of slumber to enter a dream. Riku wasn't asleep when he dove back into Sora's dream near the end.
  12. Yes, I understand that. But I want to know why Sora was dreaming in the first place. It's never explained, is it?
  13. So you're saying their hearts travelled through time via Yen Sid's magic to occupy their KH1 bodies. Okay, I get that. But future Sora's heart must have fallen asleep at some point then on the island or just after Ursula for Riku to be able to enter his dreams in the first place.
  14. This may be a silly question but is it ever explained why Sora was dreaming in the first place in DDD? It seems like Sora started dreaming the moment he entered Traverse Town because as we know, the version of Traverse Town that Riku ended up in is the one from his best friend's dream and not the world itself. Young Xehanort does say that Riku was inside Sora's dreams the whole time. I thought, at first, that Riku and Sora had been put into a state of slumber when the test began but Riku's second foray into Sora's dreams near the end of the game seems to suggest that wasn't the case. I'm trying to work out why Sora had any dreams for Riku to enter to start with because it appears that neither of them were sleeping when the test commenced. Unless Xehanort put Sora to sleep somehow after the Destiny Island part? I had assumed that when Riku and Sora were thrown into the sea after fighting Ursula, they were also plunged into a sleeping state (given that they were unconscious when the Keyhole appeared and that both seemed to be coming around when they realised they were in Traverse Town).
  15. How do you do Strike Raid in KH3? I saw a video comparing Sora’s movesets across the numbered entries and Strike Raid was shown to be possible in the third game. I’d thought they’d excluded it.
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