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  1. Ah, that'd explain it. But reborn? That's news to me. Riku hasn't been confirmed as a reincarnation of anyone or as returning from the dead in CoM since he didn't perish then. Weird. CoM's release date makes sense as a fan birthday as it was the game he was first playable in and first had his own story that the player could experience through him.
  2. I have seen people wishing Riku a happy birthday on Twitter. Does he have an official birthday? As far as I know, only Sora has one.
  3. I don't know if song covers go here but I thought I'd share one of mine: I did a cover of Dragonsong, one of the theme songs of Final Fantasy 14: https://www.smule.com/sing-recording/2140620498_4271703450
  4. phoenixmiko (@phoenixmiko) Tweeted: My pegasus Starlight photobombed my seahorse Mistral and my alicorn Thunderclap. #phoenixmiko #kingdomhearts #khddd https://t.co/RDvKqmAdEA You got that right. My pegasus Dream Eater wanted to be the star of the show. Yep, she's certainly envious.
  5. So we might get games appearing there in future if we're lucky then. It's a shame that none of the other games before KH3 made an appearance though. What with the 20th anniversary coming next year, we may well get something at D23 - who knows?
  6. When it comes to D23 historically, how often has Kingdom Hearts been featured or discussed? I was wondering whether other KH games came up there before KH3 did.
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