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  1. How do you do Strike Raid in KH3? I saw a video comparing Sora’s movesets across the numbered entries and Strike Raid was shown to be possible in the third game. I’d thought they’d excluded it.
  2. Just saw Vanitas' stunned animation for the first time while watching Nyancave playing BBSFM. He was got by Mine Square. It's hilarious. He's practically lying almost almost flat on his face with his butt in the air! Please tell me he has it in KH3!
  3. When the hoover decides it hates you...poor Riku, getting sucked up like that. Heartless hoover: 1. Keyblade Master: 0. At least he survived. The only casualty was his hair.
  4. I’ve seen these PDP keyblades about online. Has anybody got one? What are they like? How long have they lasted? I haven’t got a keyblade replica yet so I’m wondering.
  5. Someone made a Gummiphone ringtone for Kairi:
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