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Everything posted by Evil-Ven-The-Darkness-King

  1. Was there ever a reason to complete finding all chests in each world?
  2. True The heck happened to demdem though Lol
  3. I still think everyone should be sad that Sora is gone.
  4. I have 0 friends I know that. If I took that test
  5. Say not bad at 2nd place There
  6. Ya know what would be kinda cool, if dark aqua was going through the world's like spilling darkness to have them in peril. like radaint gardens.
  7. I was shocked and basically was like Sora
  8. I want more interaction with ven And sora
  9. Why did I want a cutscene as darkness consumes everything... I wanted to see all the worlds reacting to the blacken sky..
  10. Luxu is the biggest bad guy, that is revolver ocelot
  11. I think yen Sid wanted Sora to kill himself to save kairi
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