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  1. I haven't seen much of the game besides the trailers and Demo but I have a feeling it'll get the same reaction as KH3. Maybe a little less depending on if Nostalgia is a factor.
  2. Yozora won't stop stealing my Kupo Coin last minute....like buy your own. Wait I didn't mean that.
  3. I just finished The Manga by Kishimoto's Brother. Idk how to feel.
  4. I wasn't expecting him to make them blue cuz I was so used to blocking them. And I'm 99% sure I got that far on pure luck given that I got away with doing a lot that should've killed me lmao
  5. Survived his DM only for his Reticle Slashes to become unblockable after he bombards me with Shadow Clones. It really be like that.
  6. There's like 4 or 5 servers doing the fake notifications thing and it's getting to me
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