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  1. How many of the new Key Arts does everybody have? I got like 6 or 7. In fact that's just about the only thing I get.
  2. Nice. If I can't get enough Coins before the ReTVA leaves I'm gonna just dump them into Aqua and Roxas Traits.
  3. At least I got something on every pull. And Roxas.
  4. You start getting 600 for every 5 so it's a good grind provided you have the medals.
  5. I still need 15 more pulls until I can get ReTVA
  6. So.....just got back from beating Titan in XIV.
  7. Starting to sound more and more like Final Fantasy version of Devil Arms Anyway Elemental Magic being tied to summons is probably what's gonna happen. He was freely spamming Firaga when he was noticeably using Phoenix.
  8. It's Ardyn 2 obviously Plus the whole "Please stop, he's my little brother" implies he's the one getting ripped into pieces.
  9. If I can get Xion I'll use the rest for Traits and Skills Since I only got 1 of Aqua's Traits. And both of my Soras have only one -60 trait between them
  10. And it looks like Ifrit does kill Joshua as Phoenix looking at the 2nd half.
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