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  1. There's a good amount in the 1st game too
  2. Just noticed the pause menu shares the same Audio as FFXV
  3. Yeah her LD just dropped, she deals 700k fully built
  4. I knew I heard Kaggy, Alejandro Saab is a YouTuber/Twitch Streamer and a Voice Actor
  5. I've seen people believe he's responsible for the writing of every FF games he so much as has his name on. When the only one he's even directed was 7 Remake and Versus XIII, which was canceled.
  6. Cuz they probably don't even know who Kitase is
  7. I'm this close to putting FF fans and DB fans in the same category of "can't read"
  8. The Nomura hate is a little too much. Like people are trying to say he's writing it or directing it when it says what he's responsible for on the screen
  9. But that Garland fight is what sold me. And I like his redesign
  10. Honestly. I'm pretty hype for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.
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