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  1. Piccolo( Merged with Buff Riku) is my favorite character
  2. "Say fellas, did someone mention the gates of hell?"
  3. Seems like the overall plot is gonna be going to each nation beating their dominances ass and taking their Eikon for yourself Maybe to have enough strength to ultimately fold Ifrit or find some way to separate yourself from him
  4. Dominances feel akin to L'Cie from FF Type-0
  5. Wonder if scrap & build is gonna replace formchanges like they did Drive Forms or be something entirely different
  6. Honestly Noctis should've been a sure-in He's the only one that has a personal connection with his vehicle
  7. My copy of neo twewy is on the way
  8. That and they probably don't know who hope is Noctis is way more recent still
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