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  1. I'm only getting hype once FF XVI gets a release date. Or anything not FFVII related if it's not part 2, kinda burnt out on FFVII otherwise.
  2. On my second playthrough of FF Type-0 you can really tell how detached from anything that's not fighting. I'm not even sure if Class Zero realizes they're all adopted siblings in the 1st place.
  3. But the real question is why would Selphie, Wakka and Tidus be able to fight as good as Sora when they were on Destiny Islands the entire series and doing nothing but playing Blitzball and going to school?
  4. Could be because of the tech difference, they use smartphones in the animation as opposed to flip phones in the game Also older OG crew?
  5. Funny enough Nomura designed him with a mask before the pandemic started.
  6. Seeing people talk about Invincible made me read it. I liked it overall.
  7. No. There's a rumor that King Bach is supposed to be Robert. I hope not.
  8. This is honestly why I prefer buying Physical over digital. Digital's Quicker but I know I'll always have access to physical so long as it's not lost or broke.
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