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  1. Playing Sephiroth on one of his 1st missions would be wild 👀
  2. It reminds me of that game Red Faction.
  3. Finished the FF7R. I can't wait for Part 2 and XVI now
  4. Twitter is apparently DMCAing people for anime related Gifs/Manga Scans already
  5. Kinda disappointed if it is purely ARPG going forward, I wouldn't mind another ATB turn based game or even something in the same vein of Lightning Returns.
  6. I couldn't get Riku and Kairi when they came though
  7. Leviathan is actually making me mad.
  8. Can you get another one in NG+ or is it once only?
  9. I'm digging the amount of Materia combos in 7R. Magnify is busted
  10. Roxas is like the 2nd most powerful member of the original organization barring Xemnas himself
  11. Waiting like a bum until it was on sale low enough payed off
  12. It had only started getting official translations a couple months ago, so I can see if not many people knew about it. Kodansha and Shonen Sunday really oughta do localization better with new series like this and MAO
  13. Gonna start my 2nd play through of FF Type-0 on Agito difficulty. I heard there were brand new missions for it as well.
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