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  1. you seeee, he’s still responsible for his actions. Whether he thought he was doing good or not, he’s responsible for most bad things in the series so far
  2. w a it. You might actually be right that would make more sense than two brains.
  3. I don't really blame xehanort cuz I think he might of gotten confused when he found out he was destiny's child. 💀
  4. Yeah it looks great!!! 😄
  5. Ah yes. The sora we almost got😭 He looked so weird in color Also there’s multiple variations of furry sora. Look at monster’s inc sora, too!!
  6. yes pls ocean’s rage 🙏 make things clear for us I still think the two brain theory is very relevant here though
  7. I’m very confused by Luxu during the time period Cuz we know he possessed Brain, yet we see Brain acting normal in this setting.
  8. but but but Sigurd is chilling next to a light thing
  9. thank you!!! and yeah you’re right 😮 so cool!!! I’m very curious who they are!!
  10. am I seeing things or does dude on the left have brain’s hat?? 😭😭😭😭 He’s in the game so I was surprised not to see him on the cover 😭😭😭
  11. Vanitas was straight up like “nah I like being a little sh*t so imma stay bad” 😂
  12. I mean… ReMind and dark road showed Keyblade armor, so I wouldn’t count it out just yet. but most likely we won’t 🤷 Sora’s never really had a reason to use it since he drives a gummiship.
  13. see. I feel like that whole good and evil thing applies mostly to the age a fairytales rather than “current day” in the series. I always thought both light and dark were required to make the universe of KH function the way it does, and that neither are inherently good or bad. But yeah. People have predominantly used darkness for bad things and it’s corrupted and destroyed a lot, though. So I can 100% see the negative effects that darkness has had on the series.
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