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  1. I HAVE NO IDEA Imma assume it’s like. To notify that a can of soda is yours at a party or something uwu or to fit in the beach theme with the towels, at the beach 🏖
  2. thank goodness as much as I’d be ok if nomura decided KH should end with this saga, I’m kinda not ready for that mentally and emotionally.
  3. Utada, I love you, but what are these lyrics
  4. true…… I forgot about that for a second. and mffkfkfjfj pls. I need the sunshine boy to be back 😭
  5. To be fair, for all we know, it’s his quadratum design and not exactly his KH4 design. 😮
  6. there were a few people that weren’t happy because “that’s just noctis”. But I thought that overall people liked Yozora o.O Unless he means the Japanese portion of the fan base. He also said fans wanted Riku’s hair short again after KH2 so who knows
  7. I’m interested in said secret keyblade society 😳👀
  8. I took offense to nomura having player become xehanort
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