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  1. you sayin you want Sora to die!?!?!? AGAIN???
  2. https://tenor.com/view/we-bare-bears-ice-bear-grizz-clap-clapping-gif-25540314
  3. Shouldn’t Brain have already been snatched up by Luxu by the time Missing Link starts? We see Luxu as Brain in the coat right after everything happens in UX. Maybe the two brain theory has some merit 😰 or I could also be confusing when that scene takes place
  4. The only thing making them money atm is FF14 and merch, unfortunately 😭 probably explains why there were only 2 animators for UX toward the end and DR.
  5. Yee. They recently sold off all their western divisions and IPs cuz they were apparently self cannibalizing
  6. was Sora winning an alternate timeline??? Or am I remembering wrong??? fnfnfjcnc
  7. Isn’t square Enix currently in debt and doing everything it can to get itself bought? I wouldn’t expect KH4 any time soon, unfortunately. Also I wouldn’t count on missing link updates to be any faster than UX ones.
  8. anyone else still crying over Xehanort? Now the end of KH3 where he gives up the X-blade to Sora makes sense.
  9. me who doesn’t have the money to buy this anyway: whew I sure dodged a bullet by deciding not to buy this 😅
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH 💜💜💜💜💜
  11. thank you for letting me know ince 😭
  12. cursed where’s Justin 😭😭😭
  13. I HAVE NO IDEA Imma assume it’s like. To notify that a can of soda is yours at a party or something uwu or to fit in the beach theme with the towels, at the beach 🏖
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