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  1. 😔 nah. he said they walked the path of the keyblade master alongside Eraqus and Xehanort. Whatever that means. “Alongside” is where they have wiggle room to not really include him in DR
  2. that’s a good way of describing it lol
  3. Well. Within the next 5 years if we’re lucky
  4. We’ll get all of that soon Then it’ll make sense
  5. It depends tho. Did Apprentice Nort make the emblem heartless before or after recovering his memories?
  6. I was fully expecting BoP projections again but.... that doesn’t seem like it’s the case anymore
  7. But. Then shouldn’t they exist in X if they just come out of nowhere no matter what time period?
  8. hopefully the game after KHMoM will involve playable kairi👌
  9. Is remind worth half the price of the base game?
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