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"Im a Also-Ran just like Xion"

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  1. I know this random and out of the blue but i like ur pfp Roz / Eva, did you make it urself ???
  2. Memes can be hurtful like words are compared to knives.
  3. Ah i see Was about to say "must be fun doing nothing" but im sure yall are really tired of my FORSIVENESS jokes at this point, you all think im annoying I was thinking about taking a break from discord, might pop back in then and say hi when it's my Bday, so no gussing Btw I'm sorry if I ever did anything against anyone okay
  4. Yes where I live it's 100 hours a day kek So what u up 2 atm
  5. It's dark outside so i guess ealry bird catches the worm???
  6. How are you doing? I was sleeping till 400 my time, now it's 520 am
  7. I'm not be g a jerk, wtf did I even do, breath, live, etc?
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