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"Im a Also-Ran just like Xion"

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  1. > How would MoM have anything like a photo mode if it’s just running along tracks lol Juat a god dang idea ass hole
  2. Well I know one thing- nevermind it's a decent joke.
  3. Rule 12, more Dark Road is a bad game in my opinion because it is a bad gotcha game, same is said for union cross
  4. Or I could say wants really on my mind and get banned, I am joking or am i Anyway dark road is a shit game, I hate the gameplay, yet I love union cross, same opinion for union cross
  5. People like you is why I choose this life, to go down a dark road. And no that's not a force joke- I DONT LIKE YOU, please leave
  6. Okay... I will try to show up, depends on who goes live..
  7. https://images.app.goo.gl/D72U3H2V9cJndRLJ6 @Harveywallbanger and yes I have made people laugh before
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