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  1. worse than LW and this is the best evidence
  2. https://fxtwitter.com/ArtemaSeeker/status/1576721444410564608
  3. amd should delete these installers after use all this is like 10 GB
  4. it kinda makes sense. using another translation would be too many letters to fit in that space
  5. could be since its pretty much the same engine
  6. not enough room in umd discs? its the only reason i could think
  7. idk how i did this look at command menu blue in battle i think i made it by going into camp menu at the same time the enemies spawned which is near impossible without TAS bc i cant do it again
  8. + streaming. i mean, you can read it
  9. go check the first episode the game releases on that exact date 1 pm japan time
  10. thought it would last forever like the simpsons
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