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  1. did they play some more shimomura masterpieces?
  2. wait, rly? im not watching it did someone record that moment?
  3. well, i love original songs (especially in kh2). im not that fan of remastered i think they destroyed the escapade
  4. and this is how the battle had to be made just press PRNT SCRN
  5. trying to make the battle more epic gave me a few clones actually
  6. man, it is hot outside summer in spain
  7. only roxas donald and goofy barely make 1 hp on each hit
  8. except roxas in kh3 even when you die the game suggests you to leave all the fight to roxas and just focus on staying alive
  9. until you realize that he didnt even try to avoid the attack. he was idle looking somewhere look at that. he only used firaga exactly when luxord disappeared
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