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  1. tbh i think they should announce the release date before august
  2. and thats why we have tons of dead projects trying to make 358 in HD
  3. what about things like playing kh3 in english?
  4. i think he wanted to go easy in the final battle with xion its just some cutscenes and the ds game with kh2 hud, but he made it very natural and perfect
  5. he made an excellent work remaking days in KH2FM
  6. everglow is basically the best english kh youtuber his timeline is awesome
  7. actually this would fit PERFECTLY as mobile game
  8. not the first time it happens i think
  9. but there should be some kind of free version, with less songs and stuff
  10. so do you think this MOM game is going to be F2P or P2W? or even paid game
  11. https://www.deviantart.com/supercyborgdino/art/Giratina-802753887
  12. i have it for any eternal bonding i been to several ceremonies
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