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  1. only swaps red and blue. this is with a green mark
  2. except im looking at a blue trio mark looks like it grabs the RGB value then swaps red and blue yep, definitely swaps red and blue
  3. looks like camp menu color depends on what you are looking at
  4. pretty sure sora canonically loses here makes no sense he faints out of nowhere with full hp imo people commenting about sparrow getting a keyblade in kh2 apparently forgot this one
  5. no. too much is when its halfway through the screen
  6. this area seems to have an infinite enemy spawn ok its not infinite. its just a lot
  7. could see this coming the moment they mentioned the enhanced textures
  8. remember that they added this rando just so you couldnt climb?
  9. i think they usually teach english in asian schools
  10. having english and spanish you could communicate pretty much anywhere
  11. i dont have to be exposed to a specific language 24/7 thats usually only encouraged if you want to learn it better
  12. its simple spanish is my native language
  13. sure but thats not what im doing im not that kind of hardcore player
  14. im not doing level 100 its just a normal run
  15. i just mastered his patterns mostly avoiding finishers and doing 2 hit combos will give enough time to avoid any attack
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