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  1. https://www.deviantart.com/pandaartspresso/art/Hisuian-Zorua-896200729 yknow, looking how this pokemon was born, i think we can confirm its pretty much a nobody
  2. are you saying that it cant be real in another dimension/reality?
  3. well, after some hard experimenting i got it 131.16 bpm with 2/4
  4. we need more shimomura masterpieces from 15 like stand your ground, apocalypsis aquarius, crystaline chill, etc stand your ground might be the hardest one in tempo at least i was unable to get the exact bpm
  5. https://tenor.com/view/anime-shocked-wth-wtf-gif-14764293 look at the bright side with all the homework i have i cant sleep anyway
  6. you can feel the light in their heart
  7. makes sense to me its like his brain was a computer. he knows the files are there but for some reason he cant access them and he needs to gather that information again
  8. not a fan of that genre but it does look bueno
  9. im already home, man. snivy just likes being in the window
  10. especially when save points tutorial mentions that they can be used to restore hp and mp. almost feels like you already should be able to use magic as roxas at that point in day 2 at least they done it properly with 0.2 and kh3 the bars stay hidden until you actually unlock their actions in fact its much weirder in kh2 since you unlock another bar before being able to use the already visible mp bar
  11. and this is how UI was supposed to look like in all games until you get magic
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