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  1. didnt know they had this awesome opening in jp spain supposely got one based on the english version in early episodes (the only thing i watched) then adapted this one
  2. actually that would be https://www.deviantart.com/arkluden/art/They-grow-up-so-fast-408128435
  3. that kind of hair is not made naturally unless you are a saiyan
  4. holds him gentle like hamburger
  5. much less with 2022 children
  6. even if it aged poorly visually and got terrible translations that one really needed the remake
  7. probably bc 6 is not that loved top 1 is usually 7, 9 or 10
  8. + there is a kinda confirmed remake in the same list that leaked kh4
  9. i think somehow he combined an ancient arrow and the sword in a single blow making it feel like a warp strike from ff15
  10. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/746901051067596821/976491149118287892/bre_Neko_1522231456814166016360P.mp4 man, now i want to know how to do that
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