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  1. pretty sure someone made it even in the demo i think i saw one in yt
  2. im not sure its the first solo lots of us are so lonely :,v
  3. yep, player coords always stay the same in cutscenes when you are not controlling sora ofc there are exceptions - when you are actually supposed to control those characters
  4. yep, player stays in the same location where the cutscene started so be sure to not be inside the battle area it works with any character, as long as you are not controlling sora once the cutscene is triggered
  5. if you have tres mod menu, go to the town at corona and enter this command ``ce ra[i]02_mission_Dance_RMsn_Dance[/i]END Þõ`` it triggers the cutscene and well, all the next events in story
  6. if you control another character, their coords dont change in cutscenes, so i used that as an exploit
  7. you can with tres mod menu but you must control another character before the legendary cutscene that way you start the battle outside that area
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