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  1. ignore that ugly thing its amaura-chan
  2. look who wants some hugs
  3. im fine enough having this one with POKERUS im never going to let this baby go
  4. > Great, now I'm extremely conflicted about getting this digital on ps4 or physical on switch @Lil' Tini i already decided it switch bc its portable and online is cheaper
  5. > If that's the shiny I want it @pablo5425 @DANNY.R.G.8 yep, thats the most adorable pokemon ever made in shiny
  6. > Was this shown off before? @Plancake first time. the song they played in the trailer was dismiss i dont think that one is world specific they just shown radiant garden bc its an important world for bbs and well, most of KH franchise
  7. https://www.deviantart.com/frozenfeather/art/Shiny-Amaura-852327253 aaaawwwwwwwwwwww
  8. im checking that trailer but they only shown a very short section from all for one so im not really sure nope, they cut it exactly before the triangle move
  9. i just made a FE yesterday with that method in normal
  10. im playing with triggers bc thats faster and more comfort for me A is saved for triple notes that way i only have to use my thumb to jump or hit crystals and its easier to hit notes while gliding since you have to hold down the button
  11. gg i probably just need to repeat it a few times to FC it and a few more for FE
  12. im pretty sure this happens with almost every event feels like they hate europe
  13. https://tenor.com/view/homer-indignado-homero-resentido-outraged-homer-resentful-homer-simpsons-gif-17328716 https://tenor.com/view/homer-indignado-homero-resentido-outraged-homer-resentful-homer-simpsons-gif-17328716
  14. i think im waiting a few days I need someone to confirm if these arrow notes can be hit with dpad or right stick
  15. im not ventus i am EVIL ventus
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