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  1. severely damaging it in the process but this kingdom key apparently came out completely intact
  2. keyblades are blunt weapons. how do you even make them stick into the floor like that?
  3. https://fixupx.com/KHframes/status/1731103570831790532
  4. until you ran until missing/corrupt files or you played with disc on ps3 i guess these games were never designed to throw an actual crash in that situation
  5. https://fxtwitter.com/jsacos/status/1647504933699166208
  6. https://fixupx.com/pokexperto/status/1728000076222460215
  7. https://fxtwitter.com/kuroyoshi_11/status/863798372079091712
  8. https://www.phixiv.net/en/artworks/109035718 she want hug
  9. https://fixupx.com/Oxa1is/status/1648313641127780353
  10. https://fxtwitter.com/chiaki_sayaka13/status/1722393920389455873
  11. https://fxtwitter.com/SeviYummy/status/1382756585789874178
  12. https://fixupx.com/toarutaro3/status/1680476284592455680
  13. DO IT its just amazing
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