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  1. I just hope they have easy good farmeable F2P trophies And we are good But the issue is that unless u release "playeable characters" I don't see how you'd get whales... For most gacha that have good f2p, there needs to be a subgroup of superwhales that are gonna dump thousands of $$$ on duplicates But that actually change gameplay and how well the player interacts with the mechanics
  2. I play Granblue Fantasy and they are so generous during anniversary I've spent 0 And can do end game content quite well, it's just that the grind is annoying as firetruck
  3. Like F2P or light spending Genshin is very playable and I hope they go in that direction Is it developed on unity?
  4. I hope the F2P scene won't be unplaeyable like union X
  5. If gacha pans out they prob earn more than a regular game To give an example genshin impact with a budget of 100 mil, made over 3 billion in a year Gacha is predatory and disgusting but you can't tell a company not to get enticed by those numbers
  6. Is Donald and goofy gonna turn into real-life duck and Dog in Quadratum?
  7. I thought it was another game
  8. Also was the segment of Magic I THE MAKING another game or part of IV?
  9. But the EX bar as also in Versus 13
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