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  1. I wouldnt say one the slow side but hes like corrin speed also ppl thought he was gonna be as toxic as bayo cuz of upB side B it weirdly combos badly like tis great for recoveries but when you up B the opp gets sendt upwards and side B always starts to the side
  2. Do i have to go on the eshop to download? if i have fighter pack2? I boguht the pack but I dont have sora i dont understnd ? going back
  3. Is it Disney JP or Disney NA that gave the go ahead to Nintendo I wonder? Cuz Disney NA is the one head honcho no? I heard that JP companies in general are pretty stingy with IPs Cuz it wouldn't surprise me if like iunno if fortenite asks Disney NA for a mikey mouse skin And they're like sure 🤔 Imagine 2 years from now... Disney's house party fight : directed by Masahiro Sakurai... the deal was that he gave us sora, but in return he's forced to make shitty smash ripoff for disney Imagine selling your soul to a devil just to have your soul be sold to another devil afterwards
  4. I wonder if anyone has an update on this... but is the Dual Language thing fixed for 1.5-2.5 for PC?
  5. Been googling around but anyone has the "definitve" best guide to improvement for smash ult? Like jsut drills to do for better movement and "muscle memory"
  6. I mean it's cool and all, but it also made me realize how polarizing of a game series it is, as much as I have seen happy people, I've seen countless haters What I'm really curious about is what type of legal gymnastics did they do for Disney to say "sure" Was sora in wreck it Ralph? Or mario*? What if one of the deal is that in wreck it Ralph 3 they can use Mario 🤔
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