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  1. I just hope they have easy good farmeable F2P trophies And we are good But the issue is that unless u release "playeable characters" I don't see how you'd get whales... For most gacha that have good f2p, there needs to be a subgroup of superwhales that are gonna dump thousands of $$$ on duplicates But that actually change gameplay and how well the player interacts with the mechanics
  2. I play Granblue Fantasy and they are so generous during anniversary I've spent 0 And can do end game content quite well, it's just that the grind is annoying as firetruck
  3. Like F2P or light spending Genshin is very playable and I hope they go in that direction Is it developed on unity?
  4. I hope the F2P scene won't be unplaeyable like union X
  5. If gacha pans out they prob earn more than a regular game To give an example genshin impact with a budget of 100 mil, made over 3 billion in a year Gacha is predatory and disgusting but you can't tell a company not to get enticed by those numbers
  6. Is Donald and goofy gonna turn into real-life duck and Dog in Quadratum?
  7. I thought it was another game
  8. Also was the segment of Magic I THE MAKING another game or part of IV?
  9. But the EX bar as also in Versus 13
  10. Also do we know who's the writer?
  11. Meaning we have another 6 years ahead 😔
  12. Guys is it just me or is this reminiscent of kh3 reveal
  13. then sora and sonic would be a tihng
  14. 358/2 days is already out (kappa)
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