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  1. We all know the theory about an original alphabet for Scala ad Caelum, but are these voices true or in Scala are many poster with random symbols. There aren't so many words find right now and there are 52 symbols out of just 25 letters. I saw many videos about this argument but I never saw a solid confirm about this "alphabet". So, what do you guys think about that?
  2. Just a little consideration on the KH3'final cutscene and on the next main game in the series. Seeing the final of kh3 we can see how Eraqus proposes a new game to Xehanort in which the black pieces, therefore the dark pieces, are not 13 like the obscurities observed in the Keyblades War of kh3 but 7, the same number of lights of the "war prophesied"(Although we have never really seen 7 lights in Kh3 but an increasing number). We can therefore assume that in addition to 7 darkness we will also see 13 lights. Here comes the dilemma: who are these 20 new Keyblades warriors, who are the 7 new darks and the 13 new lights?
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