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  1. Nothing, it was totally off topic, and because of that I put that part of Nomura's Interview into a P. S. I just thought that was very interesting and useful to know.
  2. Yes, but I don't think this can be a future scenario because it is the worst scenario that Nomura can made. I was therefore referring to Nomura's Interview that darkfire mentioned in his reply. I totally forgot to mention that part of his reply. P. S. In the same interview that I mentioned before, which is in the KH3's Ultimania, Nomura said that Verum Rex does not exist now and said that Verum Rex is similar but very different from Versus XIII
  3. Searching for this interesting interview I found another interview where Nomura said that after Sora dispears and KH3's intro, Sora went to Shibuya, a "Verum Rex's Shibuya not so different than TWEWY's one" but I don't found out the one where he said that Sora had to fight without his Keyblade. Maybe we are talking about the same interview but with two different translations.
  4. But he after Yozora's fight came back to the final world, is possible that nobody in a whole year searched for him in that place? Is literally the place where there are guys between life and dead and you can enter in that world from a portal into the Keyblades Graveyard.
  5. Yes but I think that Sora had another adventure before Yozora's fight because canonically after he vanished he lost all of his power but against Yozora he still had a lot of power. Yes, is because the gameplay, but it's strange. And into the secret final of base Kh3 we saw Sora and Riku in Shibuya, and we are sure they was in a Dream World. I think that final was canonically because they put it into the game for a reason, and all of KH's final secrets were little trailers of their next spinoff game.
  6. Did Sora and Yozora fought immediately after Armored Xehanort's fight with Kairi or they fought at the same time of Limit Cut Episode? We have no clue, but if they fought after one year from Armored Xehanort's fight there's a possibility that Sora destroyed heartless and nobodies for one year In Shibuya?
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