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  1. I feel like it was made with Aaron in mind but I could be wrong
  2. I kinda want to upgrade all the blades to 60 for no other reason then just to do it lol Or at least 50
  3. Just gotta hope for the special tab now
  4. A week or two after 978 dropped and broke story mode a random spot update came out that fixed it
  5. definitely wasnt refreshing the freaking twitter page during, no sir
  6. sleep? literally just finished an exam though
  7. i wanna hecking die screwing us right til the end
  8. I'd definitely like to do a fully fan narrated version at some point Or something akin to the Days or Coded movies, a 2-3 hour package that shows pretty much everything you need to know
  9. the assets for everyone except the player look fuzzy enough as is lmao poor ephemer looks like mud
  10. i mean if you know how to capture KHux in 4k then sure
  11. everyone clicking on it now will only see it in 360p ?
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