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  1. im glad we can order the anni stuff
  2. https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/hub/kingdomhearts-merchandise
  3. does the square enix japan ship overseas? i need to buy those plates
  4. Thanks bud @Leamax_1559862996 Are these like cup holders?
  5. where can i find the kh 20th anni merch at? i saw a cool sweater i wanna get
  6. What’s this? New game announced? Or anything
  7. so no knows lol i just need some info about the figurine ahh nvm i see a link kh13 cool let me get one
  8. that statue with sora and roxas the second memory one it was a prize right? i can't buy it online can i?
  9. that has to be terranort damn gonna suck waiting on the new game
  10. I want it Reason why I joined this lol
  11. So that figurine of Sora and Roxas where can I pre order it?
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