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  1. We call that "confirmation bias" in the trade
  2. Didn't he technically say there isn't going to be a KH release this year?
  3. I don't think super highly of KH2 as a whole, but the prologue is a masterpiece of game design that deserves to be studied in-depth. I will die on this hill.
  4. There's a big difference between committing a crime and supposedly approving of some controversial opinions
  5. It isn't fair to judge him before knowing the truth. How would you feel if that happened to you?
  6. Oh god. This has pandering written all over it.
  7. And people wonder why I'm not a PC gamer
  8. Getting a wee bit off topic here?
  9. I'm flabbergasted at how quickly the mods are surfacing
  10. I do not envy the poor social media guy trying to salvage Kairi. Bless his soul.
  11. And thank god for that. I don't think the universe can take more than one Tigger.
  12. To be real, I'd play the shit out of that
  13. Great artists don't ask why; they ask why not
  14. Anyone else find it odd that 100 Acre Wood tracks are left out?
  15. Or maybe he's a sadist and just loves seeing Sora suffer
  16. Sam N

    Memes Chat

    Why does that look like the opening to a really bad family film?
  17. Between Toby Fox and Nomura, I'm not sure which one has driven me more insane trying to decode their extremely elaborate work.
  18. Yeah....that scene makes a lot more sense if you've seen the film. To sum up what happened:
  19. My hypothesis is they were just trying to increase demand by creating artificial scarcity. Oldest trick in the book.
  20. Just taking a shot in the dark, but Xehanort definitely seems like the type of character to have foresight of Sora's existence long before it was actually relevant. Even in BBS, his "recreate Keyblade War" plan had been the oven for some time now. I mean, he's the chessmaster. There was very little Xehanort wasn't prepared for.
  21. Exactly. And if this were the case, there'd have been no need for Xehanort to plan as meticulously as he did. It's not as if pure light is particularly difficult to come by.
  22. I'm not certain what the difference is, but I've always interpretted Vanitas as the physical manifestation of the darkness inside Ventus
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