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  1. I'm with Plancake. While some of KH3's worlds missed the mark pretty hard, (100acrewoddcoughcough) most of the time, they were arguably the best in the series for me. Toy Box alone blew me away with its level design, and I utterly adore every inch of The Carribbean and everything they managed to pull off in it. Even in the weaker worlds like Arendelle, KH3 kept me much more engaged than KH2.
  2. Don has usually been pretty reliable for me tbh; though I never count on him to heal me. He's more useful for damage anyway.
  3. Really? I thought it was online at some point.
  4. Sam N

    Memes Chat

    I don't blame him. I've made Sea Salt Ice Cream before and it's amazing.
  5. Whoever she is, I want to marry her already
  6. I believe the only thing that's changed is you can't play online now
  7. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    If it comes by mail, then make that 500 years
  8. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    I would assume not because that's illegal
  9. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Considering I should really also upgrade to a 4K tv, it's more than I want to spend
  10. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Also, I need to see more game selection
  11. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Think I'll wait a year or two for a price drop. $500 is asking a hair too much if you ask me.
  12. tbh a character being aware that they're in a game and hating every minute of it would be hilarious
  13. Would be nice to have a FF that can lighten up and not take itself seriously 100% of the time
  14. Still, people often forget how much hardware limitations can influence the design of a game. Super Mario 64 is a perfect example. The only reason the levels are so big is because the N64 had a very small draw distance. It made more sense to display the level in chunks because that's all the player would ever see at a time. If you zoom out, the levels are actually WAY bigger than they appear.
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