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  1. https://tenor.com/view/bart-simpson-the-simpsons-bye-grampa-simpson-gif-16929121
  2. Kairi has all the makings of a good character; she just needs to be pointed in the right direction
  3. It's no secret. Everyone knows wumbology. It's first grade.
  4. That was a shorter absence than when Sora became a heartless
  5. And the heartless truly are nobodies
  6. Let me guess. Your real name is Zack?
  7. I like that you can do it for every game on Switch. ...Unfortunately it applies this to the entire OS. Sigh. I feel like every compliment I give Nintendo has to come with a string attached somehow.
  8. Thank god you can remap the buttons. Why can't more games do that?
  9. Nope. X is for the command menu.
  10. Okay. Using 🔲 to attack in FF7R is just too dang weird for me. I'm switching it to KH controls.
  11. Remember, kids, follow your dreams and make sure your enemies firetrucking suffer.
  12. I think that's what I like most about Xemnas. He's one of the rare lawful evil antagonists in the series. He doesn't rely on brute force; he lies, cheats, and steals, and I always find villains like that fascinating.
  13. More than that, the manifestation of the antagonist's repressed negativity
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