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  1. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Oh def. It’s top tier by handheld standards.
  2. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    The Switch was obsolete when it came out lmao. Nintendo does this intentionally to keep it at a budget price. It’s honestly a policy I’m somewhat opposed to. I mean, i wouldn’t mind paying more for better hardware.
  3. And gained sentience apparently
  4. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Yeah I expect anti trust boards will be sounding the alarm before long
  5. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    To the shock of exactly no one
  6. Double the kingdoms, double the hearts! Kingdom Hearts will be right back only on Disney
  7. Even as a conservative, I have no clue where this sentiment is coming from. Disney is well known for having little to no controversial content in their films. And before you say anything, I’m bi. Therefore, my view on the situation is mostly neutral.
  8. And every day I question if tolerating then is a good idea My brain tells me no, my heart tells me yes My lover tells me maybe My liver tells me maybe
  9. I’m the Nintendo tolerator of the trio
  10. Do they truly not? After everything they’ve had the audacity to pull on their fans?
  11. rage fury irritation humiliation
  12. Even when that company should’ve died ages ago
  13. How do you firetruck up for a decade straight and stay in business???
  14. I think it’s telling of the state of Square when my reaction to KH3 was relief that it didn’t turn out worse
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