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  1. That would be a very Sora thing to do
  2. So how much have you played?
  3. Sam N

    Memes Chat

    I don’t have a high opinion on the remake but I’ll definitely recommend the original. It’s like Looney Tunes for a new generation. AAW MAN THEY CUTE OUT THE BEST JOKE: Teacher: Yakko can you conjugate? Yakko: Who me? I’ve never even kissed a girl!
  4. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    And Makoto carries herself so well that I think she could just walk straight in a law firm without anyone batting an eye
  5. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Depends on how he’s drawn, but I think Joker could easily pass for college age. Same with Yusuke and Ann. Futaba is the only one I could readily say belongs in high school
  6. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    That has to be a fluke
  7. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    If only I could. Sadly, social interaction is mandatory.
  8. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    No chance. Strangers have been mean to me all my life. WELL TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME I SAY! LET’S SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT
  9. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    firetruck no. What have strangers ever done for me.
  10. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Innocent? No one that stupid is innocent. It’s because I’m surrounded by fools that my life is misery!
  11. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    I’ll be nice to those who deserve it and ONLY those who deserve it
  12. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    And I also acknowledge that it’s fiction. Nobody changes that easily.
  13. Sam N

    Gaming Chat

    Okay then. Fine. Go on screaming like a buffoon until you collapse. But don’t come crying to me when your idiotic schemes inevitably fail.
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