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  1. @Plancake Thanks a lot for this interview with Nintendo! I think there's a lot of great things I can use in this!
  2. Thanks! The more the merrier
  3. Yeah I saw that thanks! I was just hoping he had one that was more in detail
  4. Does anyone know where or if I can find documentation of Tetsuya Nomura talking or interviewed about the elevator pitch for kh It's for a project I'm working on
  5. Well this just got akward I may or may not be self promoting Don't you just love it when this happens on a server and you feel like an absolute idiot haha I love my life
  6. This is kh related because that's what my server is surrounded by haha Depression
  7. Anyone have any ideas how I can promote my really bad discord server other than youtube since I've already tried that haha It's a really small and sad server but I'm hoping one day it will actually have a decent sized community
  8. @Mupstun 14 subs and 174 views in 9hrs! Tell me your secret
  9. Ah cool! Why didn't you go for the 950h?
  10. I will definitely platinum it. I will never get tired of kh music
  11. I have played these games for so long and haven't caught this
  12. Good eye. I will have to see this now
  13. K and S? Like the letters in the game?
  14. Haha. Yeah I love kh so I will literally pay anything for a new game
  15. Thanks Yeah I'll probably get mine on release date in the U.S.
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