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  1. Or the Whisper Harbinger which does look like a giant Darkside from KH
  2. I mean its his gf so yah and she was already killed by the guy they are fighting in question
  3. great, he heals better than donald It'll potentially look better given its gonna be in UE5 while Rebirth is in UE4
  4. Well we're used to associating certain visuals and designs in games with Nomura due to his long tenure as a character designer. If it resembles something he would design, its what we think of.
  5. Aye it would have been cool. I was thinking the Chirithy in question could be be the one who narrates Backcover but Ven's works too in hindsight, since we didn't know who that Chirithy belonged to until game release or if you saw the leaks for the game when it released earlier than intended. Also we dunno who the Backcover Chirithy belongs to either.
  6. Would have been cool if we came across KHX/UX lore in 3 as we went. Like as one said, in ancient texts somewhere Or say one written by a Chirithy
  7. https://www.thegamer.com/elden-ring-fan-makes-kingdom-hearts-kairi-playable-complete-with-keyblade-voice-lines-armour/
  8. I mean he only lost the POW. thats it as far as we know. KH verse so far doesn't do the trope were characters can't use their powers just by being in a different universe Keyblade is no doubt a thing that transcends the laws of all worlds or realities that are part of the KH verse
  9. don;t die.... seriously just timing and dodging and healing and parrying
  10. I don;t think so cos all the other summons are in there once ya allow Bahamut summon name to be seen and doesn't replace any others in the game once unlocked. I've no doubt he was meant to be in there but one would have to just ask Nomura
  11. Rex already mentioned Bahamu and he was meant to be a summon in 1 so.
  12. Movie versions would be disney's though i think
  13. In the JP version, he says, - as expected, Ava isn't here. So he defo wasn't expecting her to be there. EN makes it seem more ambigious for whatever reason.
  14. I assume so. Their happy with the deal with SE from what I read so. Its just a hypothetical senario i'm bringing up.
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