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  1. KH was my biggest memories I could ever have. my first play KH was in 2012 (I was only 11 years old) every time I went to my cousin house, he always show me new game for me to play and I love it so much. Then my cousin decide to shared me KH game. I never knew the game. As Disney castle scene came. Donald Duck walk to giant door who turn out to be small door! We laugh loud together. I was so keen to watch whole story (so I sneak in YouTube and watch rest… sry) (bc I don’t have any PS where my cousin does) once I finally got PS4 and I found remix of 1.5 n 2.5. I can finally play myself at home. However I always shared my cousin what happen and what should I do if I got lost. another stupid part. When I play KH2 in critical mode. From the very beginning, just before first boss, I turn all the ability on and play alone untill I realise I wasn’t level up. I check my ability and found out I turn ‘no exp’ on. I was speechless and went chat with my cousin. He laugh then cheer me to go for lvl 1. So I did! I in love playing crazy critical mode with lvl one! it been such a lovely memories and I would never forget KH and my cousin. (We still shared game )
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