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  1. Maybe Sora just decided to Break even more Nature Taboos and appear to fight, we know he didnt really cared about it But that's why the other part with the hearts bugs me more, anime logic or not, the numbers dont add up either way
  2. I mean I could buy that since the LW itself is a bunch of emotions, Sora could project his own emotions from him and fight with him ......even though then he should've dissappeared when LW got destroyed Man, ReMind was needlessly complicated, even for KH
  3. Because immediately after that.... The next scene is the blue light and 2 other hearts We KNOW none of these hearts is Roxas because he gets "unlocked" from his SoA in a following scene a couple seconds after And also during this 3 heart scene Kairi's theme is heard So maybe I thought these were Future Sora + the hearts that he already went through in his ReMind Journey However after the fight in this area Future Sora says that he already passed by Ven, Aqua, Terra and himself, so if that were the case there should be 4 hearts here, not 3 (He actually says roxas as well but the 3 heart scene happens BEFORE Futurr Sora enters Roxas, so it would not appear either way) So, to recap If in this scene, blue light is Future Sora, Past Sora is shown with his full body talking to Roxas' SoA and Roxas is still in the SoA.... who are the 2 other hearts? Xion actually returns before Roxas does so it should not be her, obviously Ven awoke much earlier so the normal people in Sora's heart are ruled out I honestly dont mind Sora appearing with LW since LW itself is weird, but this heart deal is keeping me awake Literally.......its 4am
  4. Sorry for the lame picture but it was the only way I could get both in frame lol, but Sora is shown to turn around and look at blue light Sorry my dude im just starting
  5. So I am rewatching Re:mind I've managed to make sense of most things Only things I still havent found the explanation for is Remind Sora "jumping out of Terra's thoughts" (he literally describes it like that) to fight Terranort alongside LW when he supposedly should not be able to affect the timeline this time And in the bit with Roxas' heart we see past Sora react to Future Sora (in blue orb form, only future Sora in remind has ever been shown as a blue light so it has to be him since its the way the game has used to let us know inside what person Future Sora is currently in)
  6. DDD songs are weird, I can get full chain on proud Dark Domination but i don't get A+++ on a standard DDD song, yet still a full chain lol
  7. I immediately went to the wikipedia page of the norse Sigurd to try and find something like maybe he has related to another character who shares a name with a DR student, but I didn't find anything
  8. exactly I mean I can be here all day talking about why I think there's only going to be 7 dark pieces and 1 light, but I aint going to try and be a dick to you guys if you think otherwise, specially right now where we barely have any info
  9. exactly, I think we estalbished that "talking too much" was part of the problem of the other guys lol
  10. if you are on twitter you should've seen one of his tweets at one point, I don't follow him but he appears in my timeline every once in a while
  11. the only youtube KH guy I tend to follow is TheGamersJoint and even he tends to be a little to much sometimes but he is good 99% of the time and I appretiate that he always credits the creators of the mods he shares
  12. is he on youtube? I only see him on twitter every once in a while but he is a great part of the community
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