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  1. Alright, so I am just talking out loud here and if it’s been said or elaborated on before I apologize. But: you have to have someone at your destination who remembers you when using the lifeboats Skuld ended up in radiant garden because there was someone there who remembered her (xehanort who is technically us/our character from this game) and then marluxia and larxene were found by xigbar (scene where xigbar was talking to zexion in the world that never was about the last couple being found for the ORG— Bc luxu/brain/braig/xigbar are believed to be the same people and were affiliates to elrena and lauriam.) Then, ephemer’s life boat apparently didn’t leave so he got trapped in daybreak town which he turned into scala, where ‘brain’ one day ends up Bc he had someone there who remembered him. Same thing with ven, he ended up in badlands Bc master xehanort (again, us) was there to remember him.
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