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  1. Here are the things I got for Christmas. The Tails figurines and the Ralph Breaks the Internet picture book are gifts to myself. The tie dye box is a bath bomb gift set from Lush. Not pictured are a PlayStation mug, geek clothes and a bracelet my nan on my mum's side gave to me
  2. We put all the ingredients in the pan and boil it until the mixture reaches the right temperature and pour it to cool in the fridge before cutting each piece up into cubes ready to serve
  3. Making fudge and watching Christmas movies today
  4. So Christmas Day is day 358, huh? 🤔
  5. And I just couldn't agree more, techno, trance, house, hardcore, hands up, bounce, you name it
  6. I saw a tweet from someone saying what music each KH character would listen to and they said Sora would listen to techno
  7. I know this is a song from The Smurfs but this song really fits Kingdom Hearts
  8. Good Feeling by Flo Rida is definitely a Sora song
  9. Why does Europe always get KH merch last?
  10. https://tenor.com/view/sox-lightyear-gif-26610914 I wanna see him as a summon in KH We really need more cute summons
  11. Sora’s favourite Christmas market stall would probably be the fudge stall
  12. So I’d be a guy with soft silver hair and a yellow vest, right?
  13. Which KH character do you guys think I would be and why? Be honest
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