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  1. Like the Alain Morisod songs I sent
  2. I think Sora would listen to those songs I sent with ocean at the same time Can you picture that?
  3. What about synths? Like synth pads
  4. What about both ocean and music box for Sora? Music box goes well with ocean
  5. Do you like the bells in that song? Imagine Sora and Ventus listening to something like that
  6. Very relaxing and calming I have actually fell asleep listening to that btw Yes I have
  7. How would you describe it? I think it is very sweet And so lovely
  8. I think they would both listen to music like this As much as I love more upbeat music, I also really adore stuff like this Just listen to it It's so sweet
  9. And what about Ventus? What would he listen to? @ali3n.0bserv3r
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