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  1. You know Roxas' theme would sound good if made into a big power ballad, if you know what I mean Like it can start off like how it sounds in the game, soft, slow, calm, but then we can build that up with guitars, drums, synths and strings to make it sound even more powerful and then back to the softer sound for the end
  2. You know Roxas' theme would sound good if made into a big power ballad If you know what I mean WAIT
  3. I wonder if Project Destati does live tours or plans to do live concerts soon like at conventions and such
  4. Melody of Memory, Kingdom Hearts 2 Atlantica mini game, Demyx, Demyx boss fight, Kingdom of Corona mini game, Arendelle, most cast members being able to perform a song, I wonder what this could lead too, hmmm...
  5. I think he deserves all those things, fudge, head pats and fluffy winter clothing (bonus points for having fluffy hair to match it)
  6. Aww He would love that Do you think he would love what I would give him too?
  7. @Exoidis if you could give Sora anything, what would it be? I would pat his head and give him a box of fudge
  8. We're playing against Senegal on Sunday It's coming home for Christmas 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  9. What do you think are the favourite colours of KH characters?
  10. Yeah, I know. Crazy, ain't it?
  11. Here's a funny but true story about me bumping into musicians without knowing they are that I want to tell you. When I was going to town on the day I saw Strange World at the cinema, I went to Costa in the morning. The customer in front of me was talking to the staff but I didn't know what they were on about but it hit me after the worker in front of her said she makes house music when she is not at work, which also got the attention of the customer at the till. When I took my food and drink to my table, I said to myself "now I wish I brought over my MIDI keyboard with me and a laptop" and the same customer smiled at me and laughed and I said to her "you know I make trance music" which she said "it's good, isn't it?" Then, after meeting up with my friend at the Christmas market, I saw a busker who plays electric guitar to trance and hardcore music. There was another musician watching who enjoyed the music like I do and we talked about making music where I told them I make trance music when I am at home and all that and how small the trance scene in Bristol is. I then carried on with my plans of the day. Then, three days after, I decided to go and see Home Alone at the cinema, again, starting off at Costa and all that stuff and when I got to the cinema, there was a guy wearing an Aphex Twin T-shirt at the box office who was going to watch the Matilda musical with his family which got my attention as I like listening to Aphex Twin too. We had a short conversation about music and the guy said he is a multi genre musician which I also am too.
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